Lucky Duck International School (Sakai City, Osaka)


2-2-27, Nishi Nakano-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai City, Osaka Japan zip 590-0957 〒590-0957 大阪府堺市堺区中之町西2丁2-27 Phone: 072-238-6399

The international school offers a safe educational environment where children can develop English immersion skills with good pronunciation in small-sized classes.

The preschool and kindergarten program uses flashcards for learning of vocabulary and sight words and  “Let’s Go” the phonics texts. Math (arithmetic), grammar, reading and phonics are systematically taught. Story time and song and dances feature in the preschool curriculum, along with Music and Art and Craft and P.E. programs. French and Chinese lessons are also offered. The kindergarten curriculum additionally offers General Studies. The Green Thumb gardening and pet care program encourages teamwork and sharing and the children to be nurturing and responsible. The Home Economics program involves food preparation, nutritions, hygiene and manners.

Unlike other international schools, the learning of Japanese language is not ignored – hiragana and katakana will be taught and abacus lessons are also taught.

Preschool program is offered for children from 1 year old to 3 years of age. Kindergarten: 3- 6 year olds

Tuition fees vary depending the program chosen, the number times a child attends the school and the hours of attendance.

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