Oita International Preschool (Oita city, Oita Prefecture)

Website: http://www.oitapre.com/html_english/index.html

Suehiro Town 2-3-15 Oita City, Oita Prefecture

Phone: 097-535-9825 

The preschool (for ages 2-5 years) offers small class sizes, a comprehensive curriculum and that includes music, art, gymnastics, arithmetic, science and a distinctive early English education program where children spending the day immersed in the unique environment at OIP , will have fun playing and learning English in a natural way.

The school emphasizes a multicultural bilingual environment. As such, a Japanese education is also provided for foreign children.

In addition, Oita International Preschool has a preparatory course for 5 year olds that ensures they have the necessary Japanese language ability to transfer smoothly into elementary school. Afterschool classes for elementary school and kindergarten kids are also available.

Native English teachers and certified Japanese childcare workers are employed.

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