Reading resources on the Silk Road

Do check out the Silk Road Project’s children’s reading list (from the Silk Road organisation) of book titles on the Silk Road.

Also there is a free SILK ROAD ENCOUNTERS EDUCATION KIT comprising a teacher’s guide and an EXCELLENT sourcebook which you can download from this page.  Teachers will find the sourcebook (designed for the classroom) an invaluable teaching resource – not only for general information about the Silk Road lands, but also about the invention and spread of paper and other technologies, Buddhism, etc. Archaeology has made a lot of what we read and knew in schools obsolete, this is a good source for updated and accessible information for our children. It can work as a readaloud for the parent or as an assigned reading. Highly recommended!

Also not to be missed, is, the BBC (radio) program In Our Time recently had a recent program on the Silk Road.  Listen to the 45 minute Podcast at Good stuff. The same page has a booklist for further reading (for adult) on the topic.

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