Aloha International Preschool (Kita- and minami-senju, Tokyo)

Aloha International Preschool website (mostly in Japanese only)
Kita-senju campus:
1-3-11, Adachi, Adachi Ward, Tokyo Adachi Ward
Phone: 03-6908-8150 Fax:03-3889-8747
Minami-senju campus:
1-43-1 Minami-senju  Arakawa Ward, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3803-4455
Aloha, catering to the local Japanese community, offers day preschool(9:30-1.30pm), kindergarten (9:00 – 2 pm) or afterschool kindergarten (3:30-5:30 pm) elementary school (2-6pm) programmes, optional music & movement programmes. In the preschool, the class is taught by a foreign teacher together with two bilingual teachers. The curriculum uses a childhood program from the US, emphasizes creativity through its storytelling, art & craft and music components of the programme. The kindergarten programme additionally offers math, science learning, fitness and literacy, outdoor play, show & tell, drama and an emphasis on manners.

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