Little Steps School


School at Ginza:
3-2-10 Namiki building 3F Chuo-Ku Tokyo Japan 104-0061
Tel: 03-3538-4981 Fax: 03-3538-4982

School at Omotesando Jingumae :
5-53-67 cosmos Aoyama 1F Shibuya-Ku Tokyo Japan 150-0001
Tel: 03-5774-6958 Fax:03-5467-0126

Yokohama school in the design stage

Catering for students aged 2 – 12, Little Steps was founded in 2004 Beginner English to Native Level English to bring the dream of a more international background to children in Japan. The school offers courses consisting of the Preschool Course and the Learning Course. The Preschool Course is for children from 1 to 3 years old and is 2 or 3 hours depending on their age. The Learning is planned for 6 to 12 year old children. And there are 3 main programs; Art, Language, and Music.

Little Steps looks to increase the child sensibilities and encourages the children to develop their interpersonal and communication skills through various learning experiences. 
Beliving that all children have a motivation for learning and a curiosity of the world, Little Steps seeks to guide their curiosity, so that their understanding of the world will be widened and deepened. The 3 Goals of Little Steps are: to cultivate international understanding; achieve English language ability; encourage the child to develop their own personality
All classes are taught by qualified English teachers, with a Japanese speaking staff available if need be. The student teacher ratio is never higher than 8 : 1. And in most classes it is around 4 : 1. The staff comes from a variety of locations and backgrounds to help students see diversity and to understand it is as valued. Currently Canada, The United States, and Italy are represented by. Our teachers have an average of 1 2 years child teaching experience. We have weekly meetings to review student progress and discuss teaching methods. All the teachers here love children, teaching, and have a high degree of professionalism so you can leave your child in our care with comfort.

We have beautiful, artistic, safe and clean facilities in Ginza and Omotesando. They are made for teaching children and have the best furniture, materials, and planning available. They are checked for safety and cleanliness on an ongoing basis. The Yokohama location is in the design stage.

We have two terms a year that are Spring and Fall. There is a month break in August. There are two summer sessions available during the month of August and usually a few special days such as Park Day or a Field Trip.

What makes us different from other International Schools?

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