Jingumae International Exchange School (immersion exchanges with J public school)

Website: http://www.jies.jp/

4-20-12, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Access: Harajuku Stn.on JR Yamanote Line, Omotesando Stn. on Ginza Line MAP

Phone: 03-5413-6090 Fax: 03-5413-2020 Email: shibuya@jies.jp

The international school offers academic programs are based on UK Curriculum frameworks and for students from age 3 through grade 6.

Unique in Japan, we are involved in an “International Exchange Project” with Jingumae Elementary School, a Japanese public school, in shared facilities, which include a large playground, and a gym, which we use regularly to promote the exchange among the students. The exchange project has two strands: Informal and Formal. The Informal Exchange is done naturally as the students of both schools share the same playground during recess times every day. Here students interact with each other naturally through games, chats, and so on. The immersion of Japanese language at two different native and second language levels into the curriculum makes the communication possible. The formal exchange entails monthly-guided activities, which include introduction of the Japanese, and international cultures to each other, school festivals (matsuri), sport festivals (undokai), lectures, fairs and so forth.

Given the matchless opportunity to interact directly with people from other nations, students of both schools get to know and understand each other better. Therefore, our school is an ideal environment for the children of Japanese and foreign mixed marriages who wish to develop internationalism whilst preserving their Japanese language proficiency, as well as those of foreign parents who wish them to have access to Japan and its culture whilst receiving international education.

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