Leapfrog Fridge Phonics

“Leapfrog “Fridge Phonics” is a magnet box you can put on your fridge that comes with magnet letters that the child can put in and push. Then a song plays that says both the letter name and the sound. “A! A says Ah! A says Ah! Every letter makes a sound, A says Ah! AND A!” My daughter loves it and will play on her own sometimes. Japanese kids who come over to the house and are of course not studying English at all yet (2 – 3 yrs) also love it. It is noisy, but I am willing to put up with it if she is learning.” –H.M.

Description from the Leapfrog Fridge Phonics website:
” One fun and easy activity you can incorporate into your child’s every day routine is to use a fridge phonics magnetic set.  This alphabet set can show your child how to both read and to spell the words they use the most.

A phonics magnetic set, or more commonly known as fridge words, can be done directly on your refrigerator.  All children go into the kitchen countless times a day searching and begging for a drink of this and a snack of that.  Many parents simply get the child a drink of milk and send them on their way.  If you are a parent that does this, you are missing out on an enormous opportunity to show your child how to spell and read the word “milk”.

When you child comes into the kitchen and asks for a cup of milk have them walk over to the fridge with you and show them the new fridge words you have for them.  Using the fridge phonics alphabet set, spell the word milk in front of them.  Then tell your child that this is how the word milk looks. ” Fridge PhonicsGo through each letter slowing explaining how the letters sound separately and then all together.   If your child seems ot be enjoying this new interactive activity you can ask them what other things they like to drink or have for snack.  As they mention each food or drink, slowly spell the word using the fridge phonics magnetic set.

The next part of the activity you can do with your child is to have them spell the word.  This is especially good for children who have learned how to read certain words, but still struggle with spelling them independently.  First, ask your child what letter the word milk starts with.  Take your time and work slowly with your child through each sound until they have successfully spelled the word.

By doing this method of fridge phonics you, as a parent, will be opening your child up to academic creativity.  To help your child learn you do not need to sit down with paper and pencil and force them to write the alphabet.  Instead you can make learning fun and easily accessible.  By having the fridge words lower on your fridge your child will be able to easily use them and be more confident to try it on their own.”

Leapfrog Fridge Phonics website:  http://www.fridgephonics.net/
Available from Amazon.com / Amazon.co.jp and read Amazon bookstore’s reviews here ..


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