Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU)

APU is a unique experiment in Japanese higher education. With dual-language education in English and Japanese, and a unique culture inspired by students and faculty from 75 countries and territories worldwide, graduates leave APU with much more than just a degree.

In order to attract the best students from every corner of Japan, and the world, APU admits students twice a year–once in the spring and once in the fall. Students can choose to pursue their studies in either Japanese or English. Almost half the students on campus are non-Japanese, and a variety of admission pathways is offered which recognizes the many forms of individual achievement.

Applicants from international schools, both Japanese and non-Japanese citizens are welcomed, and their ability to contribute to the university’s vibrant and diverse campus life is highly regarded. Degree progams are currently offered in social science and management, with specialization possible areas such as tourism, develpment, marketing, and international business.

APU’s New Challenge Plan has been in place since 2006, offering new academic programs, enhanced language education, and greater opportunities for students top self-directed and hands-on study and research.

The campus is located in a spectacular setting overlooking the city of Beppu in Oita Prefecture, Kyushu, and the surrounding natural environment makes it ideal location for intensive study retreats and conferences.

APUY operates a structured career support program from first year through to graduation. For 2005 graduates, the university achieved a 99% job rate offer rate while the rate for international students was 98.9%.

Many students stay on at APU to complete a graduate degree in international cooperation policy, Asia Pacific studies, or management.

The APU Alumni Assocaition was founded in 2003 and will take advantage of APU’s diverse student body to extend to all corners of the globe in the future.

Admissions Office, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University


Opened in 2000, there are currently about 2,600 foreign students from 81 countries at APU with 3,200 domestic students. APU has achieved a repuation as a truly international university that transcends traditional Japanese university education. Its outstanding educational and research programs have been awarded by Japanese governmental ministries such as METI and MEXT, and APU is currently conducting joint international cooperation projects with foreign governments, JICA and other partners. APU students can also attend informative and inspirational speeches given by top executives from learning international corporations and Nobel Prize winners that visit the campus. 

1-1 Jumonjibaru, Beppu, Oita 874-8577 Phone: 0977-78-1120 Fax: 0977-78-1121 Email: ml-apuinfo@ml.apu.ac.jp

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