Education articles by Alice Gordenker

ALICE GORDENKER’s MATTER OF COURSE features at Japan Times include:

The right way to teach values

Reflections on rich learnings we all shared

Disabled children at regular schools: inclusion isn’t easy

Doraemon knows best: Reading-out-loud renaissance falls upon deaf ears

CLEARING THE AIR Finally, anti-tobacco lessons come to schools

TEACHERS’ PETS Learning from living things, often the hard way

CURTAINS FOR GAKUGEIKAI Will dramatic arts take a backseat?

ZERO TOLERANCE, PLEASE: Don’t wait till bullying hits close to home

SCHOOLYARDS When the grass is greener on the other side

WHEELCHAIRS 101 Guest teachers build barrier-free minds

WATCH OUT, CRIMINALS! PTA anticrime patrols send clear message

IT’S ALL DUE IN A WEEK! Holiday homework needn’t be a headache

REPORT CARD? NO SWEAT! Grading is gentle in elementary schools

HOME AWAY FROM HOME Working parents need after-school care

QUICK, GET THE HOUSE CLEANED UP Teachers’ home visits an annual spring ritual

HEALTHY SCHOOLS: Reading, writing and pinworm tests

Language help lets foreign students fit in

SCHOOL REFUSERS When one-size-fits-all schooling doesn’t fit

FIVE-DAY WEEK BLUES No more Saturdays, no more cappuccino

PTA EXPECTS TIME AS WELL AS MONEY Nofundraisers or bake sales? Sign me up!

BREAKING THE SILENCE It’s time to say: Let’s talk about sex, babies

LOCAL AUTONOMY SCORES! More breathing space in the classroom

SCHOOL LUNCH GOES PRIVATE Can our kids get a healthy meal for less?

Disabled children at regular schools: inclusion isn’t easy

SANSON RYUGAKU When the summer vacation is just too long

SAFE STREETS, FEARFUL PARENTS Schools sounding false alarms over child safety

ENDING DISCRIMINATION Colorblind schoolkids can see clearly now

FOOTBALL FALLOUT Furigan fears prompt school safety drills

DRIVEN CUCKOO BY KUKU Chant away to calculation competence

When foreign children run afoul of the law

School selection comes to Japan at last (gakko sentakusei)

Students give seniors a rousing send-off

Bringing our schools out into the open

PARENTS’ MEETINGS Getting used to accentuating the negative

LET KIDS DO THE MATH Prepare carefully for trips into the field (on the difference between ensoku and kengaku)

It’s just like learning to ride the unicycle: Don’ t forget physical education is for inspiring kids to keep fit and get along

Eventuality Education It really is sink or swim (survival swimming)

LEARNING FOR TEACHERS Shared research yields ideas for schooling

JUKEN SEASON Students sweat out a spell of high pressure

OFF TO HAKONE School trips help cut apron ties

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