Tic Tac Toe International School (Tsuzuki-ward, Yokohama)

Website: http://www.tictactoe-school.com/

Hara building, 2F, kuzugaya 6-36, Tsuzuki ku, Yokohama 224-0062   See access map here

Phone: 045-945-3877

The school offers a first STEP(2 yrs onwards), preschool, kindergarten and an afterschool elementary program with speaking-writing-listening courses for returnees in bright and colorful classrooms.  

1 thought on “Tic Tac Toe International School (Tsuzuki-ward, Yokohama)”

  1. Hi Tic Tac Toe, I was wondering if you need any more teachers. I am a 49 year old American with three teenage daughters and a Japanese husband. I live in Tsuzuki-ku, Kachida-cho now for four years. I got my bachelors at San Diego State University, CA and my TESOL at East Bay University, CA. I’m willing to take a part time job. Please let me know, thanks, Mary Takaoka tel: 050-1373-5032 or marytakaoka@yahoo.com.

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