Daizawa International School (Setagaya ward, Tokyo)

Daizawa International School

Website: http://www.daizawaschool.com/

Location: 1-27-12 Daizawa, Setagaya-ku 1-27-12 Daizawa Setagaya-ku Tokyo 155-0032
Phone: 03-6676-5206 / Fax: 03-6676-5206 E-mail: contact@daizawaschool.com

Established in 2010, Daizawa school caters to children aged 18 months-6 years / grades Pre-K – K (coed) and runs a program using the remarkably maverick European (Italian) educational approach called Reggio Emilia philosophy which offers a home-like environment and project-based or thematic learning. The preschool program is a flexible attendance program

“At DIS we are strongly influenced by the style of teaching born in Reggio Emilia, Italy. We believe that all children, even our youngest learners are intelligent and capable individuals with the power to express themselves in many ways and the ability to shape much of their own educational path. We provide children with as many experiences as possible and encourage children to think creatively, solve problems, and develop their own interests. Children who grow inside of this educational environment experience a wide variety of activities and gain the skills they need to be confident and creative individuals, who can solve problems, communicate their needs, and pursue their interests. We believe that through documentation of learning and exploration a complete picture of each child’s development takes shape.”

Read more about the school curriculum here.

The school offers full Japanese language support with bilingual teachers, as well as certified Japanese education coordinators to assist children who face language barriers.

The school is located 8 min. from Ikenoue Station (Keio Inokashira Line)on foot

Read about this school at the Cloudysuperstar blog in Japanese here and at Kids Life Guide

To know more about the Reggio Emilia approach to education, see Does method matter? Traditional vs. non-traditional (MI theory, Reggio Emilia, Project method, etc.)

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