Where to find statistics on bullying and related matters

The best source for statistics is the MEXT (=Ministry
of Education etc) publication “Japan’s Education at a Glance 2005”,
available at http://www.mext.go.jp/english/statist/05101901.htm
If you download the first section, “School Education”, it has official
figures and tables for the following, with figs from 1980s to 2005:
1. Trends in Occurrence of Acts of Violence in Schools
2. Trends in Bullying Cases
3. Trends in Number of Students Who Refuse to Attend Schools
4. Trends in Number of Upper Secondary School Dropouts
Also info on freeters, number of foreign students, etc. Also note that more
specific figures relating to the tables are given at the back of the ‘book’,
in the ‘References’ section if you download the whole thing.

Also see http://www.mext.go.jp/english/statist/index01.htm for figures for
“children of compulsory age not attending school” (tables for those
permitted exemption and for those counted as ‘long absentees’) going back to

And http://web-japan.org/stat/stats/16EDU91.html for a simple table of
‘number of students refusing to attend school F.Y 1991-2004″.

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