Hand in Hand International School (Motomachi, Yokohama)

Hand in Hand International School website

2-99 Motomachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama
231-0861 JAPAN
Phone: 045-228-8090

Hand in Hand International School offers preschool, kindergarten, ESL, enrichment and after school programs for children from ages 1.5 through 6th grade and has created an age-appropriate curriculum that allows children to learn through purposeful play, while fostering a balance of their key elements of development. . It also offers a unique blend of education and daycare year-round programs. HIH teachers, trained in the best practices of early education, are devoted to providing a safe and engaging environment for every child. Teachers guide learning through a variety of hands-on activities, learning materials and exploration that are both stimulating and satisfying to children’s expanding interests.

The school is conveniently located in Motomachi Yokohama, to cater to early educational and child care needs of both the foreign and Japanese families.

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