Sakura International School (Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo prefectures) – preschool to K


The school offers a well-balanced curriculum to guide the students to meet academic standards and social expectations of the future. The school is progressive and incorporates high interest activities.

The unique curriculum at Sakura International School is taught in English. The website avers that they are “not an English conversation school”. The school goal is to nurture and build bilingual students in both Japanese and English, and prepare students to meet the new challenges of globalization.  The school has established an ESL curriculum especially for English teaching in the non-native country and the curriculum is designed to achieve the best results in a relatively short time.

However, the curriculum consists of not only English language education, but also of Japanese, Music (solfege, violin, piano), Gymnastics, Math, Science, Crafts and so on. Our students gain a wide range of knowledge and social etiquette.

The classes are designed to have a low 1:8 teacher to student ratio to provide intensive quality lessons. Every classes have a foreign teacher and a Japanese teacher. Native speaking teachers with teaching qualifications are hired. Small class size ensures that each student gets the attention they need, and learning time is maximized.

Contact the school at this page.

There are schools in various locations Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo prefectures, please see their map and access info page for more details. The school is sister school to Kansai International School and E.T.C. Gakuen. This school is NOT RELATED to the Sakura International School in Minami-aoyama, Tokyo.

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