Testing matters

Here are 32 beautiful pages of the international computer-based GED US high
school equivalency diploma tests offered by Prometric.
Must be 17 to take the test. For info., forms, sample questions, codes, etc. pdf downloads here.


The J-US Educational Commission/Nichibeikyouikuiinkai will hold a seminar on February 19 from 14:00-17:00p.m.
They will discuss TOEFL (more than 180 countries recognize this and 6000  universities (world-wide?), STEP(more than 270 universities in the USA  recognize this test)

IELTS(1,800 US universities recognize this British test)  and study abroad programs in the USA for university and graduate students.
Some students with experience will be on hand also.

There is also a chance for access to the Fulbright Scholarships!!
Go to: http://www.fulbright.jp/study/event/setsumei.html (in Japanese,
but you may be able to find the hidden English button  and at the end, click the oval for kibosha . Just opened to applicants
today so will fill fast, likely.
The next one will be held at the beginning of April. Held regularly and an annual study abroad fair, so if your child is in kindergarten, relax!!
> No help with test prep, admissions, placement, language training, or visa
> procurement.

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