Update: According to reports at this csource http://yodokikaku.sakura.ne.jp/?p=16309, the school closed down suddenly under negative circumstances. The website is no longer functioning.

Website: http://www.clover-intl.jp/preschool/preschool.html /

Matsubara Building 5F (kindergarten) and  6F (day nursery),   Higashi Sumiyoshi [sic. 山坂 Ward mountain slope] 3-8-21 Osaka City
Clover Tsurugaoka School,  Miyamoto Dentist Building 5F Nishitanabe-cho-2-9 Abeno ward, Osaka City
Phone:      06-6622-3831      Email: info@clover-intl.jp

An international school in Osaka that offers right and left brain special education. Comprehensive bilingual preschool and kindergarten courses that offer instruction on reading, speaking and writing in both English and Japanese. (French and Chinese time are also offered) Academic instruction is advanced by Japanese preschool standards, academics taught include kanji learning, phonics learning and science studies at kindergarten level.