Clover International Preschool (Osaka) – closed


Update: According to reports at this csource, the school closed down suddenly under negative circumstances. The website is no longer functioning.

Website: /

Matsubara Building 5F (kindergarten) and  6F (day nursery),   Higashi Sumiyoshi [sic. 山坂 Ward mountain slope] 3-8-21 Osaka City
Clover Tsurugaoka School,  Miyamoto Dentist Building 5F Nishitanabe-cho-2-9 Abeno ward, Osaka City
Phone:      06-6622-3831      Email:

An international school in Osaka that offers right and left brain special education. Comprehensive bilingual preschool and kindergarten courses that offer instruction on reading, speaking and writing in both English and Japanese. (French and Chinese time are also offered) Academic instruction is advanced by Japanese preschool standards, academics taught include kanji learning, phonics learning and science studies at kindergarten level.

10 thoughts on “Clover International Preschool (Osaka) – closed”

  1. Sounds like a great educational facility.

    So what is a good mailing address when Mailing from the United States of America to you or a staff member?

    Please advise,

    Frederick Percival

    1. You can email them directly at the email address provided on the page you were looking at or ask them for their snail-mail address in English. Or go to their website and copy the address that you see on their website in Japanese and snail-mail them. I would just recommend you email them their enquiry in English!

    1. from what i understand, he enjoyed the years he spent working there and it was a very good school. for clarification he did work there as of january 10 when the comment was made.

  2. This is not a school but a badly run business. The school is located on the 5th and 6th floor of shopping center and there is no schoolyard! Teaching relies too heavily on flashcards; you will find numerous references to support this fact on the net. The school calls itself “international” but is boycotted by the foreign community in the city and that is why there are no non-Japanese faces at the school or on their website. Clover school is not accredited by any foreign association nor does its curriculum adhere to any stateside educational body. Please think carefully before putting your kid in this school.

    1. Using flashcards is not a reason for criticizing a school, many excellent educational and remedial methods use flashcards, such as Montessori, Domani, Dr Shichida, they are used as accelerated learning methods. Time magazine article in a review of best learning methods says flashcards are proven as of high utility in learning. There is a need for city urban schools and for inner city kids. Many such schools bring their kids daily to nearby neighborhood parks, so as long as there is some kind of balance, no abuse and kids are happy and stimulated, we should be slow to criticize and quick to learn to understand. As for “international” it has become a kind of convention in Japan for many schools catering to Japanese kids desiring a better kind of English immersion education to call their schools so. I am not affiliated with the school in any way, but just saying some of the above are also common best practices and common knowledge.

  3. While there are many good employees there most are not qualified teachers. Teaching multiplication to 5-6 year olds is not education. It is just evidence that the school does not know anything about curriculum development.

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