Information on enrolling in public high school


Kindergartens, daycare centers and schools are often listed in prefectural or city websites. Often “how to enrol” guidebooks or information are also given in these living guides.

A very useful and general Education Guide has been prepared by the Council for Local Authorities for International Relations, go to this page

For example, see the Kanagawa Prefecture “Public High School Enrollment Guidebook” printable at this  PDF link.

Where online information is not available, go directly to your local ward/city office kuyakusho or shiyakusho as the case may be) and obtain the kindergarten / school list or information.

For other prefectures, check out the living guide sections of your target prefecture and its city websites at the links below:

Kyoto Prefecture

Ibaragi Prefecture living guide Handbook for School Life in Japan (PDF) / Living in Hitachinaka city Ibaraki prefecture / Sakuragawa city education guide

Kanagawa Prefecture

Yokohama City


Aichi Prefecture
Nagoya City
Fukui Prefecture
Gifu Prefecture
Ishikawa Prefecture
Nagano Prefecture
Niigata Prefecture
Shizuoka Prefecture
Toyama Prefecture
Yamanashi Prefecture
Chugoku Region
Hiroshima Prefecture
Okayama Prefecture
Shimane Prefecture
Tottori Prefecture
Yamaguchi Prefecture
Hokkaido Region
Kansai Area
Kanto Region
Chiba Prefecture
Gunma Prefecture
Ibaraki Prefecture

Saitama Prefecture
Tochigi Prefecture
Tokyo Prefecture
Tokyo City
Kinki Region
Hyogo Prefecture
Kyoto Prefecture
Kyoto City
Mie Prefecture / Mie Prefectural Govt
Nara Prefecture
Osaka Prefecture
Shiga Prefecture
Wakayama Prefecture
Kyushu Region
Fukuoka Prefecture
Kagoshima Prefecture
Kumamoto Prefecture
Miyazaki Prefecture
Nagasaki Prefecture
Oita Prefecture
Saga Prefecture
Shikoku Region
Ehime Prefecture
Kagawa Prefecture
Kochi Prefecture
Tokushima Prefecture
Tohoku Region
Akita Prefecture
Aomori Prefecture
Fukushima Prefecture
Iwate Prefecture
Miyagi Prefecture
Yamagata Prefecture

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