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Net-de-English is a privately owned online school that provides English instruction. Potential students check the website where tutors’ schedules are conveniently located on the website and choose a tutor. The student is introduced through a trial lesson, a “Friendly Meeting”. The student discusses his or her objectives and goals. Net-de-English uses voice chat programs such as MSN Messenger, Windows Net Meeting, and other software for broadband connection to teach students online.

Highly experienced British university English language lecturer offers students on-line training specifically for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam, with particular focus on the Writing module. Contact via email or website.

Tutoring service, along with babysitting with bilingual sitters, bilingual maid services at ChezVous website (in English)

Tutors for various subjects are offered at Expatriates dotcom

Many ads are placed here for lessons and by tutors

“I am a certified English secondary school and college English teacher in the U.S. I will answer any questions about English, proofread your writing, offer suggestions for speaking and conversation, or give assistance about any language-related need. I will answer your questions quickly and provide help promptly. Let me know what difficulties you are having. I am certain that I can help you.” David (contact him through japan-guide site).

Notice: The service since 1998 below has currently been halted for the time being, pending sale of business and sites.

Passport School is a quality lesson tutoring service. They have extensive experience handling group lessons, tutoring returnees, and English lessons for specific purposes such as travel or business. Most of their teacher profiles are not visible on their website — you have to write in or email them for specific assistance and requirements.

Sensei Seek dotcom is a database for teachers Japan-wide seeking positions.

ClubZ Tutoring Services One-one-one in-home tutoring for K-adults, the largest tutoring program in the world. They claim to have franchised outfits around the world.

Note: In Japan, Japanese families usually seek help from tutors either by word of mouth or sometimes by recommendation of a juku. The official Japanese school system is said to to have a “shadow education” which consist of home-tutors, “juku”, prep schools, correspondence courses, etc. The “juku” or cram schools are the greatest resources to which even universities look to pick up the slack when their students require remedial tutoring.


Yokohama Chuo YMCA Bldg. 8F, 1-7 Tokiwa-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-8458 JAPAN
Phone: 045-226-2071 Fax: 045-226-2072 Email

Located in Yokohama, bible-based, grades K-12. YICA formerly operated the School Of Tomorrow bible-based educational program from the US which has since been discontinued and replaced by the Alpha Omega Publications LifePac Gold and Switched-On Schoolhouse programs. YICA also operates Ark International, Inc. which provides educational materials for homeschools. Yokohama International Christian Academy’s comprehensive After School Program provides rich and rewarding after-school supervision for children in Kindergarten to 5th grade in a safe, educational, wholesome and friendly English-speaking environment. Activities include reading, assistance with homework, tutoring, art and science projects, structured free play, quiet study time, and enrichment activities.


Tutors International is a premium tutoring service that offers tutors for full-time positions or homeschooling worldwide, with good experience and understanding of gifted students and dyslexic and AD/HD youngsters.

Math tutoring site, Total Math

Star Tutoring. Individualized learning for all ages.

Smarthinking online tutoring and writing services – has received favorable reviews in the press.

AnySubject provides online tutoring including homeschooling tutors, anywhere in the world (says the website).

online writing service

Tutors Directory (UK based) offer in home or online tutors.

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