Kansai Christian School (Ikoma City, Nara)

Kansai Christian School website http://www.kansaichristianschool.com/ Updated: Jan 2011

282-2 Ooza Misato, Heguri-cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara-ken 636-0904
Phone / Fax: 0745-45-6422

282-2 Oaza Misato, Heguri-cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara-ken 636-0904.  New phone number is 0745-45-6422

KCS was established in 1970 to provide a general education in a Christian environment for children of the evangelical missionary community.
Our curriculum, based on American curriculum standards, is designed to prepare students for college and to prepare them for Christian service. All students study math, science, English, and social studies. In addition, they also study Bible, Japanese and P.E.

High school students may choose from a full range of electives. Elementary students also participate in art, drama, and music. All classes are taught from a Christian worldview. KCS utilizes the American school calendar (September-June).
The curriculum is designed to encourage all students to excel at their own levels.

Facilities: The school rents its facilities from the Ikoma Bible College. It has access to a large playground and basketball court; public facilities including an indoor heated swimming pool, soccer field, and tennis courts; a well equiped computer center with wireless internet access; a computerized lending library and many resources, which prove useful to the student who is required to do research.

2 thoughts on “Kansai Christian School (Ikoma City, Nara)”

    1. Kansai Christian School has moved to 282-2 Oaza Misato, Heguri-cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara-ken 636-0904. New phone number is 0745-45-6422. Please change the address and phone number. Thank you.

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