Kitty International Preschool (Todoroki, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo)

Kitty International Preschool Website (English)  (Japanese homepage)

International Preschool/Kindergarten/Nursery School in Tokyo, Japan.

1-15-5 Todoroki, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo, Japan 158-0082 See Access map

Phone:  03-5701-0054  Fax: 03-5701-0409 (Japan +81) Email:

The school currently operates five Kitty English Club schools where over 450 children including:
– a full-day supported preschool & kindergarten (since 2007) at Todoroki (Oyamadai) school (with a school yard) (see the school program);
– 4 satellite schools (1983) with a short program of preschool at  located Hatanodai, Kakinokizaka (Toritsu-daigaku), Jiyuugaoka (Okusawa), and Futako-Tamagawa.
Full-day supported pre. & kinder. Preschool: 1-3 years old
Kindergarten: 3-6 years old
ESL classes: 4-15 years old

The Preschool Program is a multi-age program for children of 1 to 3 years of age. The Kindergarten Program is also a multi-age program for children of 3 to 6 years of age. Preschool students and Kindergarten students do some activities together such as morning greetings, sing songs, dancing, etc. And we do other activities in each small group separately such as science, arts and crafts, writing, worksheet study, P.E. etc.

The school’s policy is to provide an environment and an intellectual education, life skills learning and health and enrichment through outdoor activity, gymnastics, rythmique, music, rhythm, and fine arts.

School Time: School starts at 9:30-10:00, allowing time for the students to arrive. School finishes at 14:00-14:30 when the parents collect their children. Kindergarten students attend 5 days per week. Preschool students can choose 1-5 days per week.

Sample Schedule: Greetings/Passport Check (attendance):

Play Time / Clean-up song and time / Hello song or Eurythmics (two songs of focus per month –  a unique rythmique series of songs that students learn to sing and perform actions simultaneously) / English Conversation Themes (Students practice answering questions like “What’s your name?” “How old are you?” and “Where do you live?” The class studies the monthly curriculum through repetition and games, converse and learn about a range of different themes such as the alphabet, animals, occupations, colors etc. / Toilet Time, Book time (Students learn to sit and read English books with the native teacher and take turns going to the toilet with the Japanese teacher. leveled books for all young readers) /Outside Activities (They go for a walk together to a nearby park and learn the English names of anything they may see along the way) / Lunch Time (Students and teachers eat lunch together – practise using own cutlery, learn vocabulary and correct table manners.) / Group Activities (Students learn to play together, playing in group and team games) /Art Time (Students develop the small muscles in their hands while drawing with crayons, playing with play dough etc) / Mental Agility (Using blocks, and puzzles etc, students can exercise their mental agility) / Story Time/Good-bye Song/

Teachers: One native English teacher and one native Japanese teacher for 10 students.

Class size: 5-10 students in each group.

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