Download the Vocabulary Resource Booklet: This contains the Vocabulary Levels Test, bilingual 1000 and 2000 versions of the Vocabulary Levels Test, the survival vocabulary in various languages, and other tests and resources

Go to this page for more information on Paul Nation’s many vocabulary books.  Paul Nation’s most recent books on vocabulary are Teaching Vocabulary: Strategies and Techniques (2008) Heinle Cengage Learning, Boston; and Researching and Analyzing Vocabulary (2011) (with Stuart Webb) Heinle Cengage Learning, Boston.

Vocabulary building: Two successful strategies for Japanese senior high school students (by JALT)


Level 1

Level 2  

For other levels, please refer to the various EIKEN dedicated texts that may be purchased off bookstore shelves.

EIKEN CAN-DO list Gr 1-5

EIKEN test format and questions

Jido Eiken is a suite of tests offered in three levels (BRONZE, SILVER, and GOLD) and made up of listening tasks designed to encourage young children in Japan to learn English.

EIKEN –  What is it and what is it for?