Hisaya International Preschool (Higashi-Ku, Nagoya)

Hisaya International Preschool website: www.hisayapreschool.com

Happy English Club Inc.
Hasegawa Building 4F
Izumi 1-14-3, Higashi-Ku, Nagoya 461-0001
Phone: 052-962-0366

The school is located in downtown Nagoya, 1 minute from Hisaya-oodori subway station and a 5 minute walk from Sakae subway station and the Oasis bus terminal.

Hisaya International Preschool in Higashi-Ku Nagoya provides:
• Quality play based programs for ages 2 – 6
• Programs designed to help children learn at their own pace
• An early developmental experience where children will have the opportunity to learn, grow and socialize in a safe, 100% English speaking environment
• Small teacher-student ratios
• Qualified native English speaking teachers
• Conveniently located downtown, 1 minute from Hisaya-Oodori
• Hot nutritious lunches and snacks provided
• Age-appropriate play based curriculum for all children
• 25 Academic themes and social development stages
• Classroom computer learning

The school’s program is based on a preschool curriculum developed by Pam Schiller, Ph. D. (Vice President of Professional Development for the Early Childhood Division at McGraw-Hill Publishers) and Kay Hastings, Ph. D. (Executive Director of Clear Lake Community Lab School in Texas). The curriculum is designed to develop basic concepts, attitudes, and skills that a child will need to be academically successful. Additionally the school seeks to provide the stability, nurturing, and genuine love that will allow each child to develop positive self-esteem and confidence. See more information at their homepage

2 thoughts on “Hisaya International Preschool (Higashi-Ku, Nagoya)”

  1. Dear Madam, My mother Thilaka Surangani Gunadasa applied for a vacancy published by your school about one month back.when I called I was told that the school has received the application but someone else has been posted to the vacancy.
    I would be very much thankful if you could send me the application and the cd to
    Nagoya shi ,shouwa ku,motomiya cho,6-24
    Thanking you
    Waruni Jayaratne

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