Sophia University / Jochi University merger with Seibo in the news

Sophia U (website: is highly regarded and well known overseas, and the university with a Jesuit historical background has an academic program at undergraduate level has a strong humanities and journalism orientation. In recent years, also the university had established the Sophia International Schools which appears to the beginnings of its comprehensive private school system, already noted for its trilingual education program in the press.

Also recently, Sophia was chosen as a MEXT “Distinctive University Education” program for their “Pioneering Efforts in International Education Linking Japan and the World”. Last year they received a generous grant through the “21st Century Centers of Excellence Program” for their “Area-Based Global Studies” proposal. In many other fields as well, dedicated teaching and excellent research are being conducted here at Sophia.

In the news yesterday, a seemingly unlike merger foray for the humanities university into nursing …

Jochi Gakuin, Seibo plan April 2011 merger.

The Yomiuri Shimbun  

Academic organization jochi Gakuin and Seibo Nursing School announced Tuesday they would start negotiations over a possible merger in April 2011.
Jochi Gakuin operates Sophia School of Social Welfare, Seibo Nursing School operates Seibo College of Nurisng in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, and some other entities.
According to the two schools, their future goals coincide, with Jochi Gakuin wishing to expand its educational and research expertise in the field of nursing, and Seibo wanting to put greater emphasis on international medical treatments

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