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Renaissance-La Vista 1F  Takakura-cho1-8-13, Miyakojima-ward, Osaka city 
(5 minutes from Miyakojima station)
Phone: 06-6923-2235 Contact

〒534-0011 大阪市都島区高倉町1丁目8-13
 ルネッサンス ラ・ビスタ1F 地下鉄谷町線都島駅5番出口より徒歩5分 Phone : 06-6923-2235  

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A preschool founded in 2005 offering English immersion education. Catering for children aged 1 year onwards, the school offers infant, toddler classes as well as kindergarten (K1-K3), afterschool and Saturday classes. A summer school program is available. English native teachers are employed.

Kids learn English in a natural way using English songs and through play, phonics, puzzles, flashcard play, themed craft activities, storytimes, etc. Small classes. Chado tea ceremony, sports and art lessons are held for enrichment.   View detailed curriculum here: