Sun Valley International School (Narita, Chiba)

165-1 Shitakata, Narita City, Chiba Prefecture, 286-0005
Phone: 0476-27-6796 Email:

A unique international school in Narita, where children spend their daily life in English. The school aims to develop students with strong English speaking abilities and positive-thinkers.

Bilingual Preschool & Kindergarten 10:00 – 3 pm Elementary School program runs from 8:45 am – 3 pm, currently up to Grades 2.  Bilingual Immersion schooling. Bilingual After School 3-6 pm. The school follows the national curriculum using translated into English national curriculum textbooks for Kokugo, science, social science, math, gym, art & craft, music and domestic science studies. In addition to these, American, Australian and NZ materials are used as well.
The school is located in the countryside in Narita where children are able to sing, dance, and play in a fun-packed playground, where we have a slide, swings, spidernet climbing, bus and sled riding, farming, all  surrounded by nature.

Our 3,300 ㎡ piece of land provides great opportunities through play and activities to teach children essential life skills such as endurance and stamina. Within this enviroment, children begin to communicate in English within a year. Our school employs native English speakers and Japanese teachers to support the children`s learning. We have four 30-minute English conversation lessons on any typical school day.

For access from Narita station, see map at

2 thoughts on “Sun Valley International School (Narita, Chiba)”

  1. I used to teach in sunvalley and left only for an expatriate assignment for the whole family.I’d been to 2 different countries since my job in sunvalley but i still miss everything about the school,the kids,co-teachers,office staff and the tandem of Mr. and Mrs. Yokota (school owners). Once in a while my son David and I would check your school website just to see what’s happening. Sunvalley international school will always be apart of our life in Japan.I’m hoping that one day I can see the kids whom i shared learning with which I know by now are already in their early teens.” Go ,go sunvalley progress and good luck to all” !

  2. To be honest its my dream to be an english teacher but i never had a chance due to financial problem of my family i work in japan as entertainer . since i was in grade school until high school every year i’ve been acting as a student english teacher every teacher s day but in only last for a week .i always love teaching in english but my problem is im not good in japanese language . But if you will give me a chance to take this job i will do my best to be a deserving one.

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