New World International School (Chofu-city, Tokyo)


Annex 2 – 101, Sengawa Avenue, 1 – 24 – 38 Sengawa – Cho, Chofu-shi , Tokyo  182 – 0002
Phone:    03 – 3305 – 0573    Fax:  03 – 3305 – 0573

The school offers day preschool and kindergarten programs, as well as afterschool programs. It is a multi-cultural school that strives to provide educational excellence for children aged 1 – 12 years old. Based in Sengawa, Tokyo, the school aims to foster intellectual curiosity, physical prowess and an appreciation for society and the environment. The school’s themed curricula include song and craft activities, small and gross motor skills, language, mathematics and other areas. All activities focus on students’ natural curiosity and desire for fun and are conducted in an English environment.

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