Useful MNEMONICS resources


The long one is below:

MNEMONICS – INDEX – The mnemonics on this site provide both a quick-reference source for people seeking information or help with specific subjects, and a library of assistance for anyone (teachers especially) seeking information about mnemonics in general. It also tries to include a wider explanation for each subject mnemonic, detailing its use and purpose.

Homework tips from:

Mnemonics – List of Common Mnemonics  


Math Mnemonics

Henshall’s Kanji Mnemonics This page contains 1844 mnemonics for the kanji taught in the first six years of school in Japan (i.e. 1,006 kanji), as developed by Professor Kenneth Henshall. They have been extracted from his book: “A Guide To Remembering Japanese Characters” (Tuttle, 1995). The book covers all 1,945 general-use kanji.

Or you can order a copy of the Learn Japanese Kanji Characters with the Kanji Mnemonics Manual book and/or CD from the Kanji section at

Learn The Kana | Learn Japanese Alphabet Online For Free This site will guide you in the right direction by teaching you the kana (the two fundamental Japanese writing scripts), through the use of mnemonics and other devices.

Japanese, the Crazy Language – Katakana Mnemonic

Japanese mnemonics for hiragana a-row and ka-row Blog » Kanji Mnemonics

Japanese mnemonics and Japanese wordplay

Japanese chemistry mnemonics for memorizing the Periodic Tables: 高校化学語呂合わせ

Japanese Mnemonic to memorize the first 20 Elements 


Memoria Technica Japonica — Popular mnemonics in Japan

A website on how to create your own MNEMONICS – Mind Tools’ Memory Improvement Techniques or use the MNEMONICIZER!

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