“Tsushin sei koko” and accredited distance learning programs offered by official public and private high schools in Kanagawa & elsewhere in Japan

Following my search for support to homeschool through the high school years, this page is my write-up offering information about schools in Japan that offer a distance learning program.

How I started:

I first called the mombusho ( Ministry of Education). They were really helpful! Here I first got the difference between “Tsushin kyoiku” and “tsushin sei koko“.
Tsushin kyoiku” means all those challenge programmes like Benesse or Z-Kai or similar ones. These programmes are meant to support the learning process, they never can replace a school and kids don’t get credit to enter the university. (For such programmes, see the Juku Directory)
Tsushin sei koko“are official schools, accredited by MEXT the mombusho (“gakkohojin“) and offer a program with which the student can learn at home while visiting the school for several times over the course of a school year. These are  Each school differs in the amount of “schooling”, which means the studying time at the school. That means, you have to show up at these schools. Sometimes one day a week, sometimes 2 days in half a year. These systems are mainly used from kids who can’t go to mainstream school, may it being bullied, may it being shy, but also may it being highly involved with other interests.
Let me list up what I found:
Next step after the Mombusho was the Kyoiku iinkai of our prefecture, Kanagawa-ken. Tel: 045-210-1111. Here you ask for “koto gakko no tanto“.
Here I got the information, that these “Tsushin sei kokos” are divided into private school and public schools.
The Koritsu Kyoiku iinkai told me the following public schools which offer a distance learning program:

Atsugi Seinan Koko 046-228-5346
Yokohama Shuyukan 045-800-3712
They are, as all public schools, cheap and with strict juken tests.

The private ones are:

Shuei Koko 045-806-2100
Atsugi Chuo Koko 046-221-5678
Yamato Kashiwagi Gakuen Koko 046-260-9011

Beside these there is a wide field of private distance learning systems which cover Japan nationwide:

  1. Nihon Hoso Kyokai ( NHK) Kyokai Gakuen – offers tsushin learning for all ages nationally and internationally. Contact the school NHK Gakuen High School Tel: 042-573-8111
  2. Zengoku Koko Shikan in Setagaya 03-5481-5827
  3. Kagaku Gijutsu Gakuen 03-5494-7711
  4. Zenkoku Tokai Daigaku Fusoku Bosei 03-3467-8111

Atmark.Inter-highschool Besides the options above, one Japanese commercial educational enterprise that morphed from its history as a commercial school that supported Japanese homeschoolers with through its partnership with the US Alger High School (a distance learning programme provider) into a private Japanese high school to offer a US high school diploma. ‘Atmark Inter High School” is the first Japanese high school to offer academic courses for US high school accreditation, and to grant a US high school diploma in Japan. Students now can receive both Japanese and US high school diplomas simultaneously and progress either to Japanese universities or study abroad at US colleges and universities. Its homeschooling client background still shows in its classroom style which has learning coaches instead of teachers and who guide students in their independent studies.

On the mainland of Okinawa Island there is only one Tsushin sei high school:

Okinawa Prefecture Tomari High School – Naha, Tel: 098-868-1237.

For the following schools, be sure to call the Okinawa Student Study Center to see if they provide accreditation to enter uni (If that is what you want) – Phone: 098-931-1003 for more information. Some of the websites are in English. Some offers specialized courses like science or sport.You just have to root through them. If you need a Japanese interpreter, you could contact Mami.

Private junior high ‘free’ schools – usually catering to kids who are ‘school refusers ‘ and/or for ‘outside the box’ schooling:

*Seisa Education Research Center – Okinawa City TEL 098-931-1003

*Academia International Boarding School – Ginowan, TEL 098-898-5001

*Skole – Naha, TEL 098-836-9011

Private Tsushin sei high schools operating in Okinawa:

  1. Yashima Gakuen University International High School – About one week a year “intensive schooling in Okinawa” and “home study”.  Tel: 0980-51-7711 /0120-840-598
  2. Renaissance High School – Naha, Tel: 0120-816-737
  3. Japan Wellness High School – Okinawa, Tel: 0120-764-701
  4. Clark International High School –  Naha, Tel: 098-885-5312
  5. Human Academy High School – Naha, Tel: 0120-958-357
  6. Star International High School – Okinawa City, Tel: 098-931-1003

For more on English speaking homeschooling groups in Okinawa and distance learning curriculums see Okinawa Resources

Gabriele (http://www.gabrielekubo.comhttp://naturalinjapan.blogspot.com)


Editor’s note:

In addition to the resources above, you are likely to also be interested in the Daigaku Kentei following as an alternative qualification to the high school diploma when considering college entrance:

1. Cram Schools which prepare for the Certificate for Students Achieving the Proficiency of Upper Secondary School Graduates (高等学校卒業程度認定試験 Kōtōgakkō Sotsugyōteidoninteishiken) (which has replaced the former Daigaku-Kentei Test*)[scroll down page for explanation below]

Note: The Daigaku-Kentei was a test sanctioned by the Education Ministry as a prerequisite for entering university where applicants do not have a formal high school diploma from a local public or private school….now superceded by the above new Certification. Some of the schools under this section have “free schools” attached to their titles but they are have a more academically oriented curriculum than the commonly understood type of “free schools”.

Hokkaido Daiken Academy (post junior high)
25 Kita 3 Jou-Nishi, Chuo-ku,
Sapporo-city, Hokkaido 064-0823
Phone:   011-631-8809   Fax: 011-613-0099

Daiichi Koutougakuin Sapporo school (post junior high)
3F Norute Plaza, 3-19-1Kita 9 Jou-Nishi, Kita-ku,
Sapporo-city, Hokkaido 060-0009

Tokyo Academy Sendai School (post junior high)
2F Beruza Sendai, 4-7-17 Chuo, Aoba-ku,
Sendai-city, Miyagi 980-0021
Phone:   022-263-0731

Tohoku Daiken Senmon Yobiko (post junior high)
4F Forest Sendai Building, 1-2-45 Kasiwagi, Aoba-ku, Sendai-city, Miyagi, 980-0021
Phone:   022-263-9771   Fax: 022-247-7642

Mito Koutougakuin (post junior high)
2-1-19 San-no-Maru,
Mito-city, Ibaraki, 310-0011
Phone:   029-225-3598   Fax: 029-225-3598

Kibougaoka Gakuin (15 – 20 year olds)
204 Baredo-ru Kuki, 6-1-53
Kuki-city, 340-0016
Phone:   0480-25-0785

Kawai Juku ECosmo (15 years old – )
4-20-3 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 151-0051
Phone:   03-3402-4614   Fax: 03-3402-4765

Shingakukai Yobiko (13 years old – )
2-23-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 151-0053
Phone:   03-3370-5195   Fax: 03-5454-2748

Yotsuya Gakuin Yotsuya School (15 years old – )
Yotsuya Gakuin Building, 1-10 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo 160-0004
Phone:   03-3357-8081   Fax: 03-3357-8999

Nichii Gakkan, Daiken Kouza (15 years old – )
2-9 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 101-0062
Phone 03-3291- 2121 Fax: 03-3291-6886

Daiken ESundai Open School
3-28-12 Kanda Ogawa cho, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 101-0052
Phone:   03-5259-3444   Fax: 03-5259-3080

Asahi Koutou Gakuin (after finishing junior high)
7-13-6 Ueno, Taito-ku,
Tokyo 110-0005
Phone:   03-3843-0541   Fax 03-3843-0728)

Gakuryoku Kai
2F Sekiguchi Building, 1-29-7 Itabashi, Itabashi-ku,
Tokyo 173-0004
Phone:   03-3961-7511   Fax: 03-3961-4588

Chuo Koutou Gakuin
2-21-8 Kichijoji Honcho, Musashino-city,
Tokyo 180-0004
Phone:   0422-22-7787   Fax: 0422-22-7731

Daiichi Koutou Gakuin Headquarters
3-2-20 Hongo, bunkyo-ku,
Tokyo 113-0033
Phone:   03-3818-3001   Fax: 03-5804-7950

Yoyogi Seminar Sendagaya Bypass School (post junior high)
1-1-12 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 151-0051
Phone   03-3497-0393

Daiichi Koutou Gakuin Tachikawa School (post junior high)
3-6-14 Shibasaki-cho,
Tachikawa-city, Tokyo 190-0023
Phone:   0425-26-0292

Yokohama Sougou College
7-15 Kinkou-cho, Kanagawa-ku,
Yokohama-city, Kanagawa 221-0835
Phone:   045-450-5191   Fax: 045-450-5192

Daiichi Koutou Gakuin Yokohama School (post junior high)
1F Niho building, 1-1 Daimachi, Kanagawa-ku,
Yokohama-city, Kanagawa 221-0834
Phone:   045-316-8401   Fax: 045-412-3365

Daiken Junbikou Weds (post junior high school)
103-103 Hirata-cho,
Hamatatsu-city, Shizuoka 432-8031
Phone: 0120-213-032 Fax: 053-451-6100 email

Kawai Juku Cosmo Chubu-chiku Cosmo Course (15 years old – )
2-1-10 Imaike, Chikusa-ku,
Nagoya-city, Aichi 464-0850
Phone:   052-735-1677   Fax: 052-735-1768

Goal Free Kobetsu Kyouiku Yobiko G.I.P. (junior high – )
Gurintorando Building, 406 Shimo Maruya cho, kawara-cho Sanjou Noboru, Tyuukyou-ku,
Kyoto-city, Kyoto 604-8006
Phone:   075-255-7272   Fax: 075-255-6128 Email

Kyoto Kokusai Yobiko (KIPS)
573 Uoya-cho, Fushimi-ku,
Kyoto-city, Kyoto 612-8041
Phone:   075-602-1700   Fax: 075-602-0534

Osaka YMCA Free School (Post junior high)
3-14-15 Nishi 9 Jou, Konohana-ku,
Osaka-city, Osaka 554-0012
Phone:   06-6466-1166   Fax: 06-6468-3014

Kansai Koutou Gakuen (15 years old – )
203 Aoyama Building Honkan, 6-9-10, Kami Hon-cho, Tennouji-ku, Osaka-city,
Osaka 543-0001
Phone:   06-6773-1505   Fax: 06-6773-5425

Rivasu Academy Shiyu-juku, Osaka School (12 years old- )
Nakajima 2 Building, 5-2-5 Nishi-Nakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka 532-0011
Phone:   06-6308-5512   Fax: 06-6301-1220

Rivasu Academy Siyu-juku, Kobe School (12 years old -)
1447-1 Jounomae, Mikage-cho, Higashi Nada-ku,
Kobe-city, Hyogo 658-0056
Phone:   078-841-5285   Fax: 078-822-3226

Daiei Daiken Juken Center (post junior high)
New Ootemachi Building, 1-1-20 Ootemachi, naka-ku, Hiroshima-city, Hiroshima 730-0051
Phone:   082-246-1411   Fax:082-248-7677

Hihon Career Up Seminar Yamaguchi School
2F Akimoto Building, 8-11 Takasago-cho, Ogori-cho, Yoshiki-gun, Yamgaguchi 754-0014
Phone:   0839-73-7660   Fax: 0839-73-7660

Utsunomiya Study Room (15 years old – )
1-2-29 Miyawaki-cho,
Takamatsu-city, Kagawa 760-0005
Phone:   0878-35-5277   Fax: 0878-22-7314

Daiken Seminar (16 years old – )
655-5 Midoro-cho,
Matsuyama-city, Ehime 791-0244
Phone:   089-976-2837


Note with respect to college admission and entrance exams, students must take an entrance exam to be admitted. Even if you have not graduated from a Japanese high school, you can take the entrance exam if you have received the Certificate for Students Achieving the Proficiency Level of Upper Secondary School Graduates, which certifies that you have the equivalent academic ability. (高等学校卒業程度認定試験 Kōtōgakkō Sotsugyōteidoninteishiken). This certificate began from 2005 to replace the Daiken Test (University Entrance Qualification Examination)

For queries, please refer to Lifelong Learning Promotion Division, Ministry of Education, Culture, Ph: 03-5253-4111 (ex.) 2024/2643

*The Daiken Test (Daigaku Nyushi Kentei Shiken or College Entrance Diploma Examination – known as “Daiken” for short). This was the General Education Development (GED) equivalency diploma test, commonly thought of as a test for students who drop out of high school, or for people who were deprived of opportunities for a high school education due to having lived through the World War II or post-war poverty conditions. The Daiken consisted of 11 subjects, is administered by Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and is equivalent to the high school graduation diploma like GED in the US. This test is recognized by all higher educational institutions in Japan. All students seeking admission to national or public universities are required to take the Center Examination (Senta Shiken), administered by the National Center for University Entrance Examination (Daigaku Nyushi Senta) in January, and the entrance examinations for the universities they want to attend See Examinations

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