Exploring ancient civilizations (2)


  • Understand the factors for the growth and progress of the Egyptian civilization / Describe significant developments in archaeology, art, science, mathematics, and education in ancient Egypt / Trace the development of ancient civilization in Egypt by different kingdoms / Illustrate the dynastic cycle. / Identify significant rulers of ancient Egypt and discuss their significance: Menes; Tutkanhamon; Ramses II; Nefertiti; Cleopatra; Hatshepsut; Akhenaton (also known as Amenhotep) / What was the role of Religion in Egyptian life / Analyze the legacy of the ancient Egyptian civilization. / Describe the societal roles of the Egyptian and major Fertile Crescent civilizations.
  • Locate the Nile on a map, examine its importance in the everyday life and people in ancient Egypt
  • Describe (narration by younger children or written by older children) the basic life-styles of people during the major periods of Egyptian history, including dress, technology, vocations, religious practices, education, housing, and entertainment.
  • Identify the reason an individual or significant historical character is important; examine the institution of the Pharaoh egs of key personalities include: Pharaoh Cheops, Queen Hatshepsut, Thutmose III, Pharaoh Akhenaten, Pharaoh Tutankhamen, Pharaoh Ramses II;
  • Understand how and why they built the Pyramids/Egyptian mythology, religion and art /Relationship with neighbours-the Exodus/
  • Explain the importance of a significant date or event on your timeline to the history of the ancient civilization.
  • Key items include: 3100 BC (King Menes establishes first dynasty), 1500 BC (Empire at height), 1380 BC (Reign of Akhenaten), 1352 BC (death of King Tutankhamen), 1304 BC (reign of Ramses II), 1000 BC (David bar Jesse enthroned), 586 BC (Israel exiled to Babylon), 536 BC (Israel returns from Exile), 332 BC (Alexander the Great conquers Egypt), 31 BC (Egypt conquered by Rome). [Use Veritas Press Sequence Flash Cards in chronological order and describe each historic event represented.]
  • Locate on a map of the world the key places where historical places studied occurred.

Recommended readings on Ancient Egyptian life for the early Grammar stage (age 4-8 yrs):

Who Built the Pyramids? by Jane Chisholm and Struan Reid Part of the Usborne “Starting Point History Series.” “What are pyramids for?” “Why are they so big?” “Why did the Egyptians write on walls?” Written for ages 6 & up. (GP) $4.95

**Tut’s Mummy…Lost and Found by Judy Donnelly Random House’s “Step into Reading” book. Bright and colorful account of Pharaoh Tutankhamen which is also highly descriptive of Egyptian history as it tells of the incredible discovery of Tut’s tomb. Reading Level: 2nd-3rd (GP) All catalogs $11.50 /$3.99

**Mummies Made in Egypt by Aliki A “Reading Rainbow” book intended for ages 8 to 12 but suitable for younger children. Rich in detailed information about how & why the Egyptians cared for their dead. “The art is stunning, the text uncompromisingly informative and clear.” – The New York Times. (GP) $5.95

*Tutankhamen’s Gift by Robert Sabuda Simple text, stunning artwork about the life of King Tut $6.99

Pepi and the Secret Names by Jill Paton Walsh and Fiona French Beautifully illustrated, gripping mystery with a hieroglyphics puzzle of the secret names that children must solve. Ages 6-(VP) $15.00

Hieroglyphs from A-Z Appealing rhyming text, large illustrations of Egyptian everyday objects are matched to a hieroglyph / letter on each full page and there is a chart at the back with letters and hieroglypths that can be punched out and used as a stencil. Available from http://www.rainbowresource.com $4.95

Readings on Pyramids, Pharaohs and mummies for Ages 9-12 (Logic Stage):

***The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.. by Elizabeth Payne. Covers the history of Egypt from its earliest known beginnings to its conquest by Greece and then Rome. Each chapter is devoted to one important pharaoh, including Queen Hatshepsut Thutmose III and Akhnaton – the monotheistic pharaoh. Reading level: 4th-5th grade. Easily read aloud. (Base text for those using Greenleaf Guide) (GP) $5.95

*Mummies Made in Egypt by Aliki A”Reading Rainbow” book intended for ages 8 to 12. Rich in detailed information about how & why the Egyptians cared for their dead. “The art is stunning, the text uncompromisingly informative and clear.” – The New York Times (GP) . $5.95

Tales Mummies Tell by Patricia Lauber Generously illustrated with photos ranging from the gruesome to the starkly beautiful, this is a remarkable account of mummies and of the ways scientists unlock their secrets. “The writing is clear and animated. Scientific principles and methods are explained in context.”-Horn book Ages 10+ $3.95

Pyramid by David Macaulay In the usual unique style of Macaulay, the book is a marvelous resource of detailed architectural drawings and provides an educated guess on the step-by-step stages of the building of the Egyptian pyramid. grades 6-12 $4.45

**The Great Pyramid by Elizabeth Mann describes and depicts the construction of the great pyramid. A center fold-out section shows the entire construction site from the Nile bank and the quarries to the ramp and partially finished pyramid itself. (hardback) 4th grade and up. (GP) $18.95

*The Riddle of the Rosetta Stone by James Cross Giblin For hundreds of years scholars struggled with the lost language of the Egyptians. For hundreds of years, archaeologists were unable to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics until an artifact was found with an inscription written in several languages, including Egyptian. This artifact was the Rosetta Stone. This book tells the story of the eventual success of the French scholar, Champollion. An ALA Notable Children’s Book. Independent reading level 6-8th grade, Jr. High and up. All catalogs (GP) $6.95

*The Mystery of the Hieroglyphs: The Story of the Rosetta Stone and the Race to Decipher Egyptian Hieroglyphs by Carol Donoughue This is much like an illustrated version of Giblin’s “The Riddle of the Rosetta Stone.” There are pictures and detailed diagrams on almost every page. Donoughue teaches readers some of the basics of the ancient hieroglyph alphabet and language as well as telling the story of Champollion’s life and research. The reading level is upper elementary to jr. high, but even adults will find the subject fascinating. Hardback (GP) $16.95

*Seeker Of Knowledge by James Rumford Rumford goes into more detail about the complexity of hieroglyphs than most books and helps young readers to understand the difficulties faced by Champollion and others who were struggling to understand the ancient language of Egypt. The soft water-color paintings (by Rumford) convey not only France of the 1800’s but also both ancient and modern Egypt. Reading level is 4th grade and up. hardback, 32 pages.(GP) $15.00

Motel of the Mysteries by David Macaulay In 4022 an amateur archeologist stumbles upon the door to a sacred tomb of the ancient inhabitants of Usa. On the door is a sacred seal (Do Not Disturb) and upon investigation, two bodies are found – one in the “Outer Tomb” on the “Ceremonial Platform” propped up on pillows facing the “Great Altar,” the second in the “Inner Chamber” laid in a polished white sarcophagus. The various contents of the tomb are “learnedly” interpreted such as the “Great Altar” (it was used primarily for communion with the gods “MOVIEA” and “MOVIEB”). A very funny book. Ages 9-12 (GP) $13.00

Tutankhamun: The Life and Death of a Pharaoh The narrative focuses on the archeological excavations of Howard Carter and the dramatic discovery of Tut’s Tomb in 1922. Particularly dramatic is the two-page spread showing the 3 shrines, sarcophagus, and 3 coffins that protected the mummy itself, nested inside the 9 separate layers. All of the artifacts from the only un-robbed tomb are beautifully photographed and displayed. There are also lots of illustrations showing how the tomb was built and the ceremonies conducted at Tut’s burial. (GP) $14.95

Mummies in the Morning by Mary Pope Osborne ages 9-12 Part of Pope’s formulaic time travel series, Jack and Annie are transported back to Ancient Egypt and travel to the pyramid of Queen Hutepi to help her find her copy of the Book of the Dead for a journey through the underworld. Suspenseful but filled with intriguing details of Ancient Egyptian life and burial customs, it is a good chapter book for beginning or reluctant readers.$3.99

*Wrapped For Eternity The Story of the Egyptian Mummy by Mildred Mastin Page suspenseful telling of the way of life of the Egyptians for ages 9-12 (VP) $10.95

Mummies, Tombs, and Treasure: Secrets of Ancient Egypt by Lila Perl Mummy-making process, the afterlife beliefs of the Egyptians and the preparations they made for the journey are covered accurately here. ages 9-12 (VP) $7.95

Readings about life in Egyptfor grammar stage:

***The Golden Goblet by Eloise Jarvis McGraw Orphaned and left in the care of his older brother, a young boy. Wants to learn the trade of the goldsmith in whose shop he serves, but his brother threatens to apprentice him to the stonecutters. When he finds the golden goblet, he knew it must have been stolen from one of the great tombs in the City of the Dead. Reading level: upper elementary. $4.99 (Recommended in all catalogs) Ages 9-12

*Growing Up in Ancient Egypt by Rosalie David One of a series of six paperbacks from Troll Associates, these books feature interesting color illustrations (much less busy than Usborne) view of Egyptian society, including its origins, customs, and traditions. Explains what life was like to an Egyptian child on a dozen topics ranging from Pets and Toys to Dinner time and Visiting the Doctor. (Available from www.trisms.com, GP or Elijahco.com) $4.95

Prehistory to Egypt Journey Through History series Easy text and charming watercolor illustrations present the lifestyles of peoples in the diverse ancient lands to the very young. http://www.rainbowresource.com $5.95

*Zekmet the Stone Carver: A Tale of Ancient Egypt by Mary Stolz Well-illustrated story for readers aged 5-8 about the stone carver who creates the Sphinx. $16.00

Baboons Waited on Tables in Ancient Egypt: Weird Facts about Ancient Civilization. In a new spin in ancient history young readers will discover that baboons were trained to pick figs for their masters, that Greek boxers fought sitting down, and much more. From the Scholastic catalog $2.99

Pharaohs and Pyramids Time Traveler Usborne by Tony Allan Rich illustrations with a focus on every day life – journeys, feasts, and holidays. This makes an excellent companion to The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. Independent Reading Level: 4th grade. Pictures can be enjoyed by all ages. (GP or VP) $6.95

*The Cat of the Bubastes A Tale of Ancient Egyptby G.A. Henty This book tells the story of a boy captured by the Egyptians and, in typical Henty style is laced with historical details about Ancient Egyptian architecture, family structure, methods of warfare, and even features a guest appearance by Moses. (GP) $19.99

Deserts by Gail Gibbons Bright outline and colorful illustrations, clear text make this a suitable book for the youngest of readings.

OR Finding Out About Deserts. Usborne Good reading in conjunction with the Geography aspect of Egypt . $4.95

Readings about life in Egypt for Logic to Rhetoric stage:

Growing Up In Ancient Egypt (Troll) by Rosalie David and Angus McBride Well-researched and written book about ancient daily practices and customs For ages 9-12 $4.95

*Growing Up in Egyptian Times by Payne (Landmark books) ages 9-12

Ancient Egypt Facts, stories, activities by Robert Nicholson & Claire Watts A lively and fascinating introduction to the dramatic history of ancient Egypt. Full of interesting facts, detailed illustrations, and clear photos, this book offers insight into the life of ancient Egyptians. Pharaohs, gods and temples, Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife, the pyramids, and much more, bring to life different aspects of the remarkable civilization of ancient Egypt. Also includes activities and a traditional story Nut’s Children that explains why the Moon waxes and wanes. Ages 9-14 $4.95

Life In the Deserts: Animals. People. Plants Attractive publication for grades 4-6 from the Scholastic catalog

Cultural Atlas of Ancient Egypt OR The Penguin Atlas of Ancient Egypt.. (Chronological text is helpful) $16.95

Science in Ancient Egypt (Science of the Past series) by Geraldine Woods Well-researched and easy-to-understand account of the ancient Egyptians’ accomplishments in architecture, astronomy, mathematics, medicine (including a brief discussion of mummification), and science. Includes a helpful glossary and quality full-color photographs and reproductions; and Internet sites. . $8.95

Mara, Daughter of the Nile by Eloise Jarvis McGrawHistorical fiction about a feisty slave girl who finds herself playing the dangerous role of double spy for two arch enemies each of whom supports a contender for the throne of Egypt. Dangerous espionage, an unusual love story, and richly drawn background make this a book to capture quick and lasting interest. Accurately depicts Egyption life. Independent Reading level: Middle school to junior high (but a good read-aloud for younger kids) (GP) $4.00

Readings on Egyptian mythology and literature:

*Tales of Ancient Egypt by Roger Lancelyn Green The British story-teller’s version of twenty of the legends of ancient Egypt. Divided into three sections, Tales of the Gods,ETales of Magic,Eand Tales of Adventure.Efor all grades (GP or VP) $4.99

Gift of the Nile: An Ancient Egyptian Legend (Troll Associates) by Jan M. Mile Tale of a young slave girl who wins her freedom on a magical journey down the Nile. Brightly illustrated book for preschool – early grammar stage.

*The Shipwrecked Sailor by Tamara Bower This is one of the oldest pieces of literature in the world, dating to Egypt’s Middle Kingdom, about 1800 B.C. The author/artist has retold and illustrated the story using Egyptian style. Actual phrases from the story appear in hieroglyphs along with their literal translations. Reading level is age 7 and up. hardback, 32 pages (GP) $17.00

Gods and Pharaohs from Egyptian Mythology by Geraldine Harris A vivid and dramatic retelling of the myths accompanied by bright and captivating illustrations for ages 9-12. $12.56

Gods and Goddesses of Olympus by Aliki lively retellings of the major myths with vivid illustrations and large print text make this an excellent choice for an introduction to Greek mythology. Available from www.rainbowresource.com $15.50

Readings about famous Egyptian personalities:

*The Royal Diaries of Cleopatra VII: Daughter of the Nileby Kristiana Gregory Well-written, with arresting historical detail about both Egypt and Rome and some appreciative references to Israel and the Jews (one of Cleopatra’s friends is from the large Jewish community in Alexandria). There is a fascinating note at the end which mentions that one of Cleopatra’s grandaughters, Drusilla – wife of Antonius Felix – heard the testimony by the Apostle Paul. Reading level is 6th grade & up (GP) $10.95

*Cleopatra by Diane Stanley Fascinating story of a woman who affected two kingdoms and almost came to rule the whole world. Well-written, easy-to-understand, beautifully illustrated. Oversize, full color An SL6 review $5.96

His Majesty, Queen Hatshepsut by Dorothy Carter A historical novel based on the dramatic life of the queen as a young princess who subsequently ruled as Queen Regent sharing power with her husband’s son(of a concubine) and then by declaring herself pharaoh, she set aside the young heir to rule the kingdom as King of Upper Egypt. For readers 12 and up. Lovely illustrations $16.89

*Nefertari: Princess of Egypt by Roberta Angeletti Part of a series of the British Museum Press On holiday in Egypt, Anna wants to take a photo of one of the local ats. The cat leads her into the tomb of nefrtari where Annna is captivated by wonderful paintings of the beautiful Nefertari and her friends. Alas there is more than meets the eye For grades 2+- A VP review $16.95

*Senefer: A Young Genius in Old Egypt by Beatrice Lumpkin About one of the greatest mathematicians in Egypt(VP) (2nd grader onwards) $8.95

ANCIENT EGYPT GREENLEAF PRESS STUDY PACKAGE Optional GLP-003P. $55.78 Includes The Greenleaf Guide to Ancient Egypt and seven books (The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, Pharaohs and Pyramids Usborne, Tales of Ancient Egypt by Roger Lancelyn Green, Tut’s Mummy…Lost and Found, Mummies Made in Egypt by Aliki, Pyramid by David Macaulay, Cultural Atlas of Ancient Egypt and Finding Out About Deserts. Usborne9 Available from www.greenleafpress.com …. $8.95

Ancient History Jumbo Pack from Elijahco.com contains all of the literature used with the guide: City, Pyramid, D’Aulaire’s Book of Greek Myths, Tales of Ancient Egypt, Antony and Cleopatra, The Golden Goblet, Julius Caesar, Quo Vadis?, Caesar’s Gallic Wars, The Children’s Homer, Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt $174.95

Readings for the Rhetoric Stage:

Tutankhamun and the Discovery of the Tomb pack from Jackdaw Publications It is a portfolio of primary source documents (color prints of Tut’s throne, a wall painting from the pyramid chamber, papyrus writings detailing Egyptian religious beliefs) and four historical background essays. There are also suggested student readings, discussion questions and a study guide. $37.00

A Short History of Ancient Egypt by T.G.H. James Beautiful illustrations, clear maps and very understandable text aid the student in understanding fascinating time period For seventh graders onwards. (VP) $29.95

Dotto and The Pharaoh’s Mask by Giovanni Caselli (ill) and Alkis Alkiviades An usual and exciting mase-like activity book for early grammar stage with dot-to-dot, throw the dice, challenges and tricks on every page. Color illustrations. $10.95

Historical Atlas of Ancient Egypt by Bill Manley An excellent resource for the study of Egypt. Provides maps, photographs, info that will serve as an excellent backdrop to the books you are reading – A VP review $16.95

Ancient Egypt ( Eyewitness) by George Hart Part of the museum-in-a-book series, this one will give bring you on a fantastic visual journey to Egypt $19.00

Pyramid (Eyewitness) Part of the museum-in-a-book series, this one featuring fabulous visuals of many artifacts from inside the pyramids $19.00

Hands-0n Teaching Activity Books/Kitsand other resources:

Egyptian Treasures: Mummies and Myths Jim Weiss audiotape/CD readings A magnificent telling of Egyptian myths, journey down the Nile into the awesome tales of the Egyptian gods and then through a thrilling Egyptian mystery thriller set in the late 1800s. For 7+ years. Order from www.chinaberry.com $10.95/14.95

Veritas Press History Flash Cards Beautiful set of sequenced cards with many pictures often art masterpieces, that help you teach in visually exciting way. Order and purchase from the Veritas Press catalog URL: http://membersaol.com/veritasprs $19.95

Archaeology kit Everything you need to make replicas of ancient Greek, Egyptian, Roman Chinese or Aztec pottery

Available from www.rainbowresource.com $16.50

Pyramid by David Macaulay Video version of the book showing how the Egyptian pyramid was probably built. For grades 6-12 074602368 $8.95

Ancient Egyptians and Their Neighbors:An Activity Guide Hittites, Nubians, Mesopotamians, Egyptians by Marian Broida A concise matter-of-fact summary of the middleeastern ancient civilizations with sections on Nubians/ Mesopotamians/ Hittites/ Egyptians Each sections has details on architecture, clothing, food, and religion as well as activities and projects – ranging from a model boat to learning hieroglyphics and cuneiform to fashioning a royal headdress. All projects require only “household or easily found materials.” Almost the ONLY children’s resource on the Egyptians’ neighbors in print. paperback, (GP) $16.95

Ancient Egypt Color and Learn History Books series (grades 2-6) Combines drawings, drawing instructions and informative text about Egyptian symbols, rulers, mummies and burial rites, sphinx, papyrus and hieroglyphs, wall painting, art, military, Egyptian life in general. Available from www.rainbowresource.com $3.25

A Coloring Book of Ancient Egypt by Bellerophon Actual reproductions of ancient art from the museum sources. Available from most catalogs (ages 6+) $4.25

Make it Work! Ancient Egypt from World Book Encyclopedia (Fifteen project including six different authentic Egyptian costumes that your children can build with adult assistance (GP) $7.95

Ancient Egypt Treasure Chest A sturdy cardboard chest with a lock and key contains a whole array of activities to enhance a study of ancient Egypt. There are games actually played by the Egyptians with instructions and playing pieces, beads to assemble an Egyptian necklace, hieroglyph stamps and decoding book $19.95

Make This Egyptian Mummy (Cut-Out Model series) by Iain Ashman Using just glue, make an Egyptian sarcophagus $9.95

Lift the Lid on Mummies The ultimate project craftbook to teach the intricate process of mummy-making $19.95

Fun with Hieroglyphs by Catherine Rhoerig (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) A kit with a guidebook that shows how Egyptian scribes used the symbols to record the events of their time with this kit and the kit also includes 24 rubber stamps, an ink pad and an Egyptian hieroglyph chart. $15.75

Footsteps in Time: The Egyptians by Ruth Thompson (beautiful color artwork and activities and crafts included) ages 4-8(VP) $3.95

Ancient Civilizations for Children: Ancient Egypt (video)

Mummies Unwrapped (National Geographic video)

This Old Pyramid Video that covers the history and structure of the pyramids and follows the work of a team of American and Egyptian stonemasons as they build a pyramid of their own, using ancient tools and 200 stoneblocks From Movies Unlimited $19.90

Pyramid Action Pack (Dorling Kindersley) Includes booklet, pyramid cardboard model, map, ancient Egyptian game, hieroglyphics decoder. Also available Tutankhamun and Ancient Egypt Action Pack $17.90

Pyramid Action Pack contains a model pyramid to construct, a poster of Egypt showing where pyramids are found, a viewer showing relative sizes as if you were looking at the pyramids through temple doors, a guide book all about ancient Egypt and its pyramids, a board game, a hieroglyph decoder, profile cards on different…from Elijahco.com

Color Your Own Papyrus Papyrus sheets made in the same way used by the ancient Egyptians. The pre-printed images can be colored with ink, acrylic, felt-tipped pen, water color, or oil paints. Around each pattern. Patterns include Cleopatra and the Egyptian hieroglyphic alphabet.(GP) $4.95

Magic Tree House Collection: Dinosaurs Before Dark, the Knight at Dawn, Mummies in the Morning, Pirates Past Noon (Books 1-4) [UNABRIDGED] by Mary Pope Osborne (Audio Cassette – December 2000)

ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS: Emergence of Other Empiresand Centers of Civilization 2000-1450 BC

The decline of the Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations created a power vacuum which allowed a number of small states to flourish and new empires to emerge:

The Minoan civilization on the island of Crete (The Trojan War Mycenaean and Minoan)/ Trace the development and achievements of the Minoans and the Mycenanans.

The Phoenicians-Sea Peoples (Early Phoenician alphabet and trading empire).

The Hebrews in the area of Palestine along the Mediterranean coast (Judaism, a world religion, important legacy for the Western civilization and influence upon Islam)

Peoples of Asia Minor or the Hittites, Sea Peoples (Iron technology)

Persian Empire of the Great Kings of Persia

General resources:

Ancient Mythologies: India, Persia, Babylon, Egypt by Charles Kovacs (A Waldorf recommendation)

Heroes in Mythology: Theseus, Prometheus and Odin Jim Weiss audiotape/CD readings. Here are three superb myths featuring heroes from different lands, who are at once daring adventurers and seekers of wisdom. First we travel to Crete, where we plunge into the gray stone maze called the Labyrinth alongside gallant Theseus. Somewhere in the twisting tunnels waits the monstrous Minotaur. Then we meet Zeus and Prometheus, who pays a terrible price for helping human beings learn the benefits of fire. Finally, Jim tells the central tale of Norse Mythology: the story of mighty Odin, who risks everything for wisdom. Jim’s deep understanding of these myths, and his ability to paint vivid word pictures, make this a recording of great power and significance. For 7+ years A www.chinaberry.com review $10.95/14.95

Readings on Cretans3000-1400BC::

Theseus and the Minotaur by Charles Kingsley. The stories of are told with power and grace by a master storyteller, Charles Kingsley. Kingsley’s wonderful retelling is back in print

Adventures from the Book of Virtues by William Bennet. A classic series written for parents by someone now dubbed “America’s educational czar” to reinforce moral values, it contains lots of these legends
Wings by Jane Yolen The legend of Daedalus and his son Icarus who while escaping from Crete, flew too close to the son so the sun melted the wax on Icarus’ wings. “Jane Yolen’s version of the story of Daedalus and his son, Icarus, is lyric and foreboding, and Dennis Nolan’s shadowy renderings of the omnipresent deities are a particularly haunting accompaniment to this ancient tale of pride and tragedy.”-Amazon’s editorial review OOP $5.95 (used)

*The Trojan Horse… or How the Greeks Won the War Random Houseby Emily LittleThis is the story of Odysseus and his clever plan which conquered Troy after a ten year siege. This is a STEP 4 book, intended as a reader for grades 2-4 or ages 9-12. Well written and well illustrated. (A GP review) (Also an SL2 reader) $3.99

Readings on Persia:

Queen Esther Saves Her People by Rita Golden Gelman, Frane Lessac (Illustrator), Fran E. Lessac (Illustrator) Folk art gouache paintings retelling the biblical tale make for a charming book for ages 4-8 year olds. $12.76

*Esther’s Story by Diane Wolkstein interweaves in a diarywriting form the incidents from the biblical Book of Esther the Persian queen) with selections from the oral tradition. A plausible portrayal of the young Jewish girl who risked social status, position, and life itself to save her people from certain death Ages 9-12 $4.98

*Within the Palace Gates by Siviter “Anna Siviter, by weaving the rich tapestry of the ancient Persian court as a backdrop for the story of Artaxerxes’s noble cup bearer, allows us to grasp the deep significance of Nehemiah’s devotion to god, to Jerusalem and to his people.” Available from www.trisms.com. $7.95

Islam for Junior by Dr. Shabbir Ahmed, one of the foremost scholars of Islam in the Western World has written an accessible book for young readers explaining the world’s fastest growing religion from the viewpoint of a youngster. $8.00

What Do We Know About Islam? by Sharukh Husain Similar in format to earlier titles in this series, these two books simply and briefly discuss the beliefs, worship practices, lifestyles, sacred books and places, holidays, art, and music of two world religions. Color photographs, reproductions, maps, and time lines fill the double-page spreads. Although the texts raise some questions without providing answers, these are a suitable introduction. Glos., ind. — Copyright © 1997 The Horn Book, Inc. $18.95

Islam (World Beliefs and Cultures) by Sue Penney A good resource book on Islam for ages 9-12

Readings on Babylonians 2400-1600BC:
Gilgamesh the King by Ludmiler Zeman In this retelling of the ancient Sumerian epic, Gilgamesh, part man and part god, fights Enkidu, a wild man from the forest. After Enkidu saves him, Gilgamesh learns what it means to be human. Zeman tells this complicated story in a simple, straightforward manner. Her stylized illustrations create the sense of ancient paintings but sometimes border on being cartoonlike” — Copyright © 1993 The Horn Book, Inc.” First book in the series, followed by The Revenge of Ishtar and The Last Quest of Gilgamesh $9.99

Myths from Mesopotamia : Creation, the Flood, Gilgamesh, and Others (Oxford World’s Classics) by C.J. Fordyce, Stephanie Dalley (Editor), Collection of ancient stories from the ancient civilizations of the “fertile crescent” — myths of the Creation and of the Flood, as well as the Epic of Gilgamesh, a story of heroic quest for fame and immortality and failure in a moment of human weakness. $8.76

Gilgamesh by David Ferry An ancient pagan alternative view of how the world came to be. Poetic, fun and witty. A great starting point for ancient literature and history Seventh graders onwards (VP) $11.00

The Babylonians by Elaine Landau Good introduction and information in a simply written format on the history and culture of the Babylonian empire. The book leads with the the prehistoric tribal beginnings that was followed on by the powerful, organized city-states and cultures in the early Middle East. The book discusses the rise and ultimate demise of the empire, the daily life and customs of different classes; social roles; notable rulers and their accomplishments; advances made in law, the arts, agriculture, and sciences. Many maps, full-color or black-and-white photos as well as illustrations of artifacts and architecture. Grades 5-7 $22.90

Readings on Moses and the Exodusout of Egypt:

**Exodus by Brian Wildsmith (excellent lavishly illustrated book on the relationship between Hebrews and Egyptians ages 6-12 $20.00

Joseph by Brian Wildsmith Beautifully illustrated account of Joseph in Ancient Egypt for ages 6-12 $20.00

Moses by Leonard Everett Fisher ages 6-12 An astute portrayal of the Moses of the Old Testament Bible $15.95

Tirzah by Lucille Travis Story of a Hebrew slave girl who served the Egyptians escapes into the desert wilderness $5.99

Readings for Logic-Rhetoric stage:

The Holy Land (The Ancient World) by Peter Connolly Connolly paints a epic-style picture of the Jewish peoples and their daily lives (doestic, religious and military) in Judea, Galilee, and Jerusalem, mostly under the reign of the great King Herod. Detailed and accurate research and stunning illustrations including a tour of the geography of the eastern Mediterranean and a review of archaeological excavations and discoveries in the region make this an essential reading for the rhetoric stage/ young adult age group. $10.36

For the Temple by G.A. Henty (for grades 5 onwards) A young man goes from working in the vineyards to the service of Josephus and fights for the temple at the time of the fall of Jerusalem. Order from www.rainbowresource.com $14.50/10.95

Moses and the Law by Kathryn Merrill and Kristy Christian. Combine this with a movie-viewing of the Ten Commandments! An in-depth study of the book of Exodus, with units on Reading the Book of Exodus, The Origin of the Torah, The Geography of Sinai and Egypt, Moses’ Life, The Roles of Moses, The Law, The Tabernacle, and Moses and the New Testament. Activities for all ages. from Elijahco.com $19.95

***A History of the Jews by Paul Johnson The comments of an orthodox Jewish reader in Israel: “As an Orthodox Jew, and “insider”, I was absolutely (and positively) amazed to see an “outsider”, like Mr. Johnson, penetrate through the layers of confusion and misunderstandings and really “gets it”. In the words of Rabbi Beral Wein (a contemporary Jewish historian), “Mr. Johnson did a much better job than many secular Jewish historians” There are many things I disagree with in this book but more often then not I found myself nodding in agreement and underlining key sentences” – Menashe Aaron – paperback, 644 pages. $17.00

Josephus : The Essential Writings No early study of ancient history would be complete without the study of Flavius Josephus’ writings. His writings are the best primary source accounts of the biblical era and some of the central personalities of the New Testament. Including the Jewish Antiquities and The Jewish War, this is an accessible chronological shortened compilation of Josephus writings accompanied by B&w photos, charts and maps. Most of the pivotal passages are there word for word. Available from either VP or www.rainbowresource.com $15.99

Hands on Resources and other media:

The Holy Land Treasure Chest This activity kit includes an information booklet, scroll map of the Holy Land, a model of the Temple of Jerusalem, a set of replica crusader coins, a decoder for ancient Hebrew words, a set of ancient Hebrew letter stamps, models of the Temple of Jerusalem, coloring pictures of stories from the Old Testament

Testament Video series A seven-part series presented by British archaeologist John Romer. Tells the story of the Ancient Middle East nomadic peoples in “As It Was in the Beginning”, the beginnings of monotheism in “Chronicles and Kings”, the story of the rise and fall of ancient Israel in “Mightier Than the Sword”, and the historical contex into which Jesus was born. A historical coverage emphasizing archaeological facts. Available from www.films.com



Locate the Indus River valley on a map, examine its importance in the everyday life and people in ancient India / Trace the development of early Indian civilization

Describe (narration by younger children or written by older children) the basic life-styles of people of the Harrappa, Mohenjo-Daro cities and then of the Aryan society (five major castes: priests, warriors, merchants, peasants and artisans still in existence today), including dress, technology, vocations, religious practices, education, housing, and entertainment.

Identify the reason an individual or significant historical character is important; egs of key personalities include: Siddhartha Gautama(founder of Buddhism), Chandragupta Maurya(first dynasty to control much of India, Asoka (the greatest ruler of India); Guptas the great trading empire with relations with China, Southeast Asia and Egypt/ Trace the development of national unity in India

Understand their contributions of Hinduism began in India; written language of Harrapa and Sanskrit writing developed by the Aryans.

Explain the importance of a significant date or event on your timeline to the history of the ancient civilization.

Locate on a map of the world the key places where historical places studied occurred.


Readings for ages 4-8:

Clues in the Desert (Adventure Diary) by Emmett A. Davis, Julie Downing (illustrator) a book suitable for a study on Mohenjo-Daro

Savitri: A Tale of Ancient India by Aaron Shepard A illustrated children’s book of the Mahabharata in which Princess Savitri insists on choosing a husband for herself and marries the son of a conquered king despite the prophecy that he is to die in a year. As legend has it, she outwits Death and rescues him and his kingdom to boot as well.

Rama and the Demon King: An Ancient Tale from India by Jessica Souhami A children’s illustrated version of the Ramayana tale of Rama who is exiled by his stepmother to the forest of demons where he must live for 14 years. Rama has his adventures and challenges, defeats the demons and then returns to India where he rules as king.

*Buddha by Demi “Celebrated children’s-book illustrator Demi puts the Buddha’s life story into words any child can enjoy. Even more, children will love the lush, meticulously painted scenes, rendered in traditional Asian fashion yet as light and whimsical as Calvin and Hobbes. (Ages 9 to 12.)”-an Amazon.com review $15.36

*Buddha Stories by Demi An elegant collection of Demi favorite jakatas, literature of Buddha’s stories. Presented in colors and style remniscent of the first printed Buddhist teaching book made with woodblocks in A.D. 600 (text in gold on indigo rice paper $14.00

Readings for ages 9-12:

Ancient India: Land of Mystery (Lost Civilizations) by Dale M. Brown Gr 9 Up Well illustrated book excellent for a survey of the history, culture and the achievements of ancient India including quotations from ancient texts and facts from recent archaeological findings from sites dug over the last 30 years right up to 1990.

India (Ancient Civilizations (Raintree Steck-Vaughn) by Julie Nelson For ages 9-12 $22.93

Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. Translated by Hilda Rosner. 122p. As a youth, the young Indian Siddhartha meets the Buddha himself, then alive on earth, but he cannot be content as a disciple; he must work out his own destiny and solve his own doubts. Best for 10th grade and up.

What Do We Know about Hinduism? by Anita Ganeri Consistently intriguing color photographs and occasional illustrations energize the book’s design, and the longish captions accompanying the artwork supply significant and compelling factual information. A glossary and index make investigating a specific topic a breeze, and, while Ganeri’s volume is far from encyclopedic, it will whet young people’s appetites for further research. Ages 7-up Publishers Weekly review$13.26

Readings for jr high -high school:

Ancient India: Land of Mystery (Lost Civilizations) by Dale M. Brown Gr 9 Up Well illustrated book excellent for a survey of the history, culture and the achievements of ancient India. Includes quotations from ancient texts and facts from recent archaeological findings from sites Sumer: Cities of Eden; Mesopotamia : The Mighty Kings and Pompeii: Vanished City $20.96

Hands On Resources:

A Coloring Book of Ancient India (Bellerophon) Blackline reproductions of artwork covering many Hindu legends from ancient times to 12th century India, accompanied by brief text. $3.95



Locate the Huang and Yangtze River valleys on a map, examine its importance in the everyday life and people in ancient China / Trace the development of early Chinese civilization

Describe (narration by younger children or written by older children) the basic life-styles of Chinese people living in the key dynastic cities and of the Chinese society (family as basic economic and social unit and allegiance to the oldest male as head of the family; rulers as mandate of heaven; later Confucian ideal that rulers should be benevolent and subjects loyal; subsequent philosophy that rulers be authoritarian with hard laws and penalties since human nature was intrinsically evil).

Identify the reason an individual or significant historical character is important; egs of key personalities include: Confucius; Lao Tzu, Shih Huang Ti / Trace the development of national unity in China

Understand their contributions of Hinduism and Buddhism began in India; written language of Harrapa and Sanskrit writing developed by the Aryans.

Explain the importance of a significant date or event on your timeline to the history of the ancient civilization eg. Silk/Spice Trade 600-1450/ Genghis Khan 1206-1227 / Kublai Khan 1257-1294:

Key periods include: Xia (over 4,000 years B.C.)-first Chinese dynasty; Shang (1750-1122 B.C.)-The magnificent builders of cities and royal tombs filled with the famous prized bronze objects; Zhou (1122-256 B.C.)-the longest dynastic rule by Mandate of Heaven; Qin (221-206 B.C.)-builders of centralized nation, monetary system, roads and laws; Han (202-211 A.D.)-adopted Confucius teachings, established civil service and improved the economy

Locate on a map of the world the key places where historical places studied occurred.

Readings for ages 4-8 years:

Growing Up in Ancient China by Ken Teague One of a series of six paperbacks from Troll Associates, these books feature color illustrations (much less busy than Usborne) on a dozen topics ranging from Dinner time to Going to School and Getting Married. (Available from GP) $4.95

Ancient China (Journey into Civilization)by Robert Nicholson, Claire Watts. Colorful illustrations on city life, food, clothing, craft and customs, and inventions of the times. Also includes dramatized account of an ancient Chinese fable, “The Dragon King’s Key” and a glossary and index. $8.95

*Day of the Dragon King by Mary Pope Osborne. Fictional story about contemporary children Jack and Annie who set off to find an original copy of an ancient Chinese myth. Armed with only their magic library cards, they travel back in time and with the help of a scholar and a silk weaver, aim to save at least one bamboo book from the book-burning emperor’s bonfire. Young children will be drawn into their adventure, to interact with characters from an ancient Chinese legend and observe the many authentic Chinese artifacts, historical details and cultural habits. $11.99/3.99

Step into the Chinese Empire: Chinese Empire (Step into Series) by Philip Steele This lavishly illustrated guide to the Chinese Empire will help children uncover the secrets of the world’s oldest continuous civilization. Chinese cultures and beliefs from ancient origins through to the abdications of the last emperor are explored in full-color photographs and illustrations, with sections on the tombs filled with pottery figures, the cultural and artistic significance of jade and how silk is manufactured. 15 interesting step-by-step projects enable children to recreate the past – from flying a homemade dragon kite to making a model of the Han house. This book is ideal for home or school use for children ages 8 to 12. $10.36

China’s Bravest Girl: The Legend of Hua Mu Lan by Charlie Chin, Tomie Arai A bilingual (Chinese and English) picture book version of an epic feminist poem from the medieval Soong Dynasty. The rhyming stanzas relate the legend of Hua Mu Lan, who, disguised as a man, went off to war in her elderly father’s place. After winning 100 battles and gaining the rank of general, she returned home a hero. $6.95

*Song of MuLan by Jeanne M Lee A more sumptuous illustrated and less childish version than the above, the book is suitable for grades 3-8. The text is closely and well translated and accompanied by Chinese text in a careful reproduction of the original calligraphy. Beautifully illustrated, the pictures simulate the mood and style of Chinese calligraphy paintings. $12.76

*The Seven Chinese Brothers by Margaret Mahy, Jean Mou-Sier Tsang, Mou-Sien Tseng (ill) Jean Tseng (ill). At last a version historically depicted so that an ethnic Chinese parent could read this ancient Chinese folk tale set during the Qin dynasty to her child with delight. Seven brothers use their supernatural gifts to overpower a cruel emperor in this classic Chinese folktale. Bold, Lovely watercolors colorful, and historically accurate illustrations adorn, in which For ages 4-8 $5.99

The Empress and the Silkworm by Lily Toy Hong and Albert Whitman A fairytale of the origin of silk for readers aged 4-9 $13.56

Readings for ages 9-12:

*Ancient China (The Nature Company) by Judith Simpson, Carol Michaelson (Editor). Section One covers the five major ancient dynasties beginning with the Shang in 1600 B.C. and continuing through the Tang dynasty from 600-900 A.D. Section Two surveys religious beliefs. Section Three is on daily life and society. Section Four is on inventions and the arts. Reading level is upper elementary / jr. high – but the full color illustrations will hold the attention of younger students if the text is read out loud. $16.00/$12.80

Ancient China (Eyewitness Books) An award winning series, profusely illustrated with photographs of artifacts, paintings and illuminations. With articles on the early Chinese dynasties, home life, and many other elements that contributed to the beginning of the Chinese culture. ages 9-12 Main narrative is 6th grade or so. ( Available from GP) $19.00

Chinese Life (Early Civilizations Series) by Jonathan Clements (ages 9-12) An engrossing account nicely illustrated $5.35

Science in Ancient China (Science of the Past series) by George Beshore A concise but interesting survey of the achievements of the ancient Chinese in science, medicine, astronomy, and cosmology, and describes such innovations as rockets, wells, the compass, water wheels, and movable type. Clear text and quality photographs and a glossary is included $8.95

*The Silk Route: 7,000 Miles of History by John S Major, Stephen Fieser (Illustrator) 9-12/Gr. 4-8. Beautifully illustrated account of a C.E. 700 journey of goods from China to Byzantium on the famous 7,000-mile trade route that developed between China and Byzantium for centuries. The illustrations depict the geography and the diversity of cultures and peoples connected with the great silk trade. The book has detailed notes at the back on Buddhism, nomadic/caravan lifestyle and warfare. $6.95

*The Great Wall by Leonard Everett Fisher(ill) How Emperor Huang Ti dealt with the Mongol warriors by building a wall across China’s northern border. 700,000 workers and 300,000 soldiers worked for 10 years to build a wall that eventually stretched for over 3,000 miles – and it did stop the Mongol warriors for over 1,000 years. Beautifully illustrated. (Available from GP) $17.95/5.95

The Great Wall by Elizabeth Mann Millions of Chinese lugged stones, day in and day out, for over 200 years to build a fortress 30 feet high over thousands of miles. A large center fold-out illustrates what an attack on the Great Wall might have looked like in the mountains north of Peking. “Order, harmony, and stability were important to the Chinese. They looked down on the nomads and their wandering, warlike ways. They called them barbarians.” The irony is that the the Great Wall never fulfilled its purpose of providing safety by exclusion but contributed to the downfall of the Ming dynasty because of its enormous cost. (Available from GP) $18.95

Made in China: Ideas and Inventions from Ancient China by Suzanne Williams and Andrea Fong is a colorful and concise book on Chinese creativity and philosophy during ancient times, covering not only scientific ideas and inventions but also religion, government, trade and farming. Egs of topics covered are papermaking, sericulture, agriculture, medicine, printing, seismography and astronomy. Watercolors, drawings and diagrams, period artwork reproductions as well as photography of artifacts support the text. $13.96

Hu Is A Tiger: An Introduction Chinese Writing by Peggy Goldstein The art and fun of Chinese writing is brought to children in this how-to-book which illustrates the meanings of the shapes that form the written language. Simple instructions for practice in writng the characters are incuded, as well as memory aids and a glossary of all the vocabulary words taught throughout the book (ages 8-10) Also Long is a Dragon: Chinese Writing for Children $4.95

Science in Ancient China (Science of the Past) by George W. Beshore A brief survey of ancient Chinese achievements in science, math, medicine, astronomy, and cosmology, and describes innovations including rockets, wells, the compass, water wheels, and movable type. $8.95

*The Value of Honesty: The Story of Confucius by Spencer Johnson part of the Value Tale series, 62pp. picture book (OOP) OR

Confucius Speaks : Words to Live by by Tsai Chih Chung and Brian Bruya is an accessible reading combined with comic-style illustrations of the teachings of the greatest Chinese sage including a biography (with portraits) of his disciples at the end of the book. Good for high school level students. $10.36

China: A Cultural Heritage (Jackdaw Publications) A portfolio of primary source materials and essays on the long history of Chinese culture from ancient times to modern. Includes a 6-foot long Great Wall Chart with a timeline of Chinese history, copies of handscroll paintings, a color photo of the jade burial site of Princess Tou Wan, a copy of the analects of Confucius, instructions for making an octagon kite as well as a poster of the Cultural Revolution. Study guide and discussion questions are all there too. $37.00

Cities through time – Daily Life in Ancient and Modern Beijing by Robert F Baldwin (Runestone Press) ISBN 082253214X

Country Fact Files – China by Catherine Charley Macdonald Young Books ISBN 0750026057 (also contains topics relevant to modern China).

Looking into the Past – The Ancient Chinese by Julia Waterlow (Wayland) ISBN 0750210672 Contents include the following: The Middle Kingdom, The Rulers of China, Farming the Land, City Life, Home and Family, Pleasures and Pastimes, Beliefs, Writing and Education, Creative China, Industry and Science, War and Defence, Travelling, Trade, Books to Read, Important Dates (on average 2 pages devoted to each topic).

Hands-on Resources and Media:

Ancient China : 2,000 Years of Mystery and Adventure to Unlock and Discover (Treasure Chest) by Jenny Chao-Hui Liu A treasure chest of material about more than two thousand years of ancient Chinese history, its contributions to the world, activities, and projects. The kit also includes a calligraphy brush-and-ink set. $13.96

Ancient Civilizations for Children: Ancient China (video)

The Silk Road (video) from PBS Home Video. The journey begins in Xian, home of the terracotta soldiers, proceeding through other historical sites such as the Ma-gao Caves of the Gobi Desert whose underground network of caves and tunnels are filled with over 3,000 painted murals and statues. 6 part series on 6 videocassettes (A Thousand Kilometers Beyond the Yellow River; Across the Taklamacan Desert; The Art Gallery in the Desert; In Search of the Kingdom of Lou-Lan; Glories of Ancient Chang-An and the Dark Castle. Purchase from www.pbs.org$149.95

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