Poem in Your Pocket

“Poem in Your Pocket”  published by Abrams Image, published in conjunction with The Academy of American Poets and Elaine Bleakney selected these 200 poems for people to read, carry, share with others, post and perhaps even memorize or send via e-mail to others who appreciate the fine art of poetry. The Introduction to this book of poems was done by Kay Ryan who is a U.S. Poet Laureate. The thing behind this book is that you can tear out any of these pages and take them with you wherever you go. Some of the poems are of love, others of the seasons and youth.

Read the review and interview with author at http://ednews.org/articles/35505/1/Commentary-Put-a-Poem-in-Your-Pocket/Page1.html  and http://ednews.org/articles/35645/1/An-Interview-with-Elaine-Bleakney-Poem-in-Your-Pocket/Page1.html

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