Fruit picking in the fall

The idea of whole-some wholesale fruit-picking fun is irresistible for most urbanites. I remember my first fruit-picking (strawberries) experience in Wales fondly – and recently my son mentioned how memorable his first experience in Chiba was (at 3) – and that he wanted to go again.

So why not give your kids a treat and go on a getaway in the fall (or at any seasonable time really) fruit-picking at one of the following orchards. “Kajyu-en” means “orchard”. “Noen” means “vegetable farm”. “Pears” refer to “Japanese nashi pears”, not western pears.

Kawasaki Fruit Park Fruit Park Yomiuri Land Odakyu line to Yomiuriland-mae station then take the Odakyu bus from the station to the park. / Take the Keio Line to Keio Yomiuriland station then take Skyroad for 6 minutes. The fruit park showcases fruit trees of Japan, but also allows grape-picking in season.

Schoolchildren often get to go picking or gathering fruits and veggies in season. The most common activities are:

  • Strawberry picking: March-May
  • Potato digging: May-June
  • Sweet potato digging: September-November


Ishita-kankou-noen. Mid-July – Mid Nov. Phone:  0279-84-2457  Entrance: 500 yen onwards. Apples 1 kg: 400 yen. Pears 1 kg:400 yen.


Chichibu-kankou-noen-mura. Mid-Jan-Nov. Phone:  0494-23-9124 . Entrance: 200 yen Grapes 1kg:600 yen onwards.

Chichibu Furutsu Faam (Chichibu Fruit Farm) Mid Jan-Nov. Phone:  0494-23-2711 . Fruit-picking within 30 mins Grapes 700-1000 yen. Bring home 1 kg for 700 yen.

Taira-kuri-en. Sept 5th-Oct 15th. Phone:  042-978-0327 . Entrance: 300/150 yen (Pri-/K).

Chichibu-Kankou-budou-noen. Phone:  049-62-0667 . Entrance: 200 yen. Grapes 1 kg:600-1,500 yen

Yagi-kankou-Noen. Early Jan-Late May, early Aug – late Oct. Phone: 0494-23-9035 20 kinds of grapes for sampling. Picking on the spot 600-1,500 yen. Take away: 1 kg – 700-1,500 yen.

Mikado-noen. Jan 2nd-mid June; Aug 10th-Nov. Phone:  0494-23-1478  On the spot grape-picking: 700-1,000 yen; Take away: 700-1,300 yen. Also sweet potatoes

Arahataen. Early Sept – Mid Nov. Phone:  049-243-3023 . Take home sweet potatoes 7 pc 1,000 yen

Kizawa-ringo-en. Mid-Sept-Nov. Phone:  02957-2-8020 . 1kg:500 yen.

Kasumigurashi-kankou-kajyuen. Early June-Aug. Phone:  0299-59-2116 . Entry fee: 300-400 yen(students); adults 500 yen. Grapes, pears,persimmon, chestnuts, sweet potato in season.

Tochigi: Oomori-Kajyuen. late March-Mid-May; Mid-June-late November. Phone:  028-676-1976 . Apples 1 kg:500 yen. Blueberries also.
Ootsuki-en. Early Oct – late Dec. Phone:  0493-65-2026  Mikan (mandarin oranges) Take home 1 kg-500 yen, Yuzu

Sakurakino-koen. All through the year. Phone:  043-486-3987  Take home shiitake mushrooms 100g:210 yen

Takadai-en. Mid Aug-mid Oct Phone:  047-392-9134 . Take home pears 1 kg: 630 yen

Mizushiro-kajyuen mid-Mar-mid June; July-Sept; mid Oct-Nov. Phone:  04-7174-4451  Take home grapes 1kg 1,500 yen Sweet potatoes 1 kg: 300 yen Kiwis also available.

Chiba-chuo-kankou-noen. Dec-mid Oct Phone: 043-231-2554 1 kg-400- 2,000 yen. Pears 1 kg 600 yen Sweet potatoes available.

Wakamatsudorino-kuri-en. Late Mar-mid May; Sept-mid Nov. Phone:  043-231-1478  Take home 1 kg 900 yen Sweet potatoes 5 for 500 yen.

Tabinakankouen-furutsu-mura. Through the year. Phone:  0439-38-2747  Entrance: 300 yen for all except 500 yen for pear-picking. Pears, chestnuts, sweet potatoes, yama-imo(“mountain-potato”).
Unaya-kankou-noen. Early Sept – early Dec Phone:  043-259-4174  Sweet potatoes

Katou-budou-en. Early Aug-Sept, mid Oct-mid Nov Phone:  047-388-3578  Entrance: 300yen(adult):200 yen(child) 1 kg:800 yen

Tangerine picking: October-December: Enquire at Tsukuihama Kanko Noen Farm Phone:  046-849-4506 
Access: Get off at Tsukuihama Station on the Keihin Kyuko line. It is a 20-minute walk from there

Tashi-noen Mid-Oct-early Dec. Phone:  0465-82-1751  Take home mikan (mandarin oranges) at 800 yen(adult)/700 yen(child) per kg
Ishiien. Late Aug-late Nov. Phone:  0467-51-0217  Take home 1 kg of chestnuts at 1,000 yen or 1 kg of persimmons at 450 yen.

Suzuki-en Aug 15-Nov. Phone:  047-388-3578  Take home 1 kg of grapes at 1,300-1,500 yen and 1 kg of pears at 500-600 yen. Persimmon, chestnut and kiwi also available.

Kinoko-enoyamanotaishyou. (in Odawara city) Through the year. Phone:  0465-29-1393  Entrance: 350(adults)/250(child) yen for mikan-picking. Mikan, shiitake and kiwi are available.

Nagashima-mikan-en. Early Oct – late Dec. Phone:  0465-68-3318  Entrance: 300 yen(adults)/250 yen(child) Take home mikan 300 yen per kg.

Benkei-kajyuen, Kanazawa-shi. Through the year. Phone:  0466-48-6660  Entrance: 200 yen(adult)/100 yen(child) – must pick within one hour. Pears at 400 yen per kg, Grapes, sweet potatoes, persimmons also available.



Sumoru-furutsu-rando-beri-coteji (Small Fruit Land – Berry Cottage) Mid-June-early July (Sat&Sun); July 20-early Sept, late Oct-late Nov. Phone:  0428-31-3810  Kiwis and raspberries. 300 yen per 100 g onwards.

Kosakamikan-kyodo-noen. Oct-Jan 5th. Phone: 055-233-5495 700 yen for grape picking.

Jyosaki-orenji-mura. Oct – June. Phone:  0557-51-7800  Pick and eat mikan at 400 yen / take home 1 kg 300 yen

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