Free Schools & Free Space

[Note:”Free Spaces” are communal facilities specially designated as “spaces” in which kids who shun school can retreat to relax or socialize but they do not provide the supporting staff or activities that are offered by the “free schools”]

Free schools are often thought of in Japan as schools where troubled kids or “futoko” or school-refusing children are sent when they fail to fit into the conventional public or private school system in Japan. However, some of the schools function as valid schools that offer an “alternative education” to the mainstream schools and are sought after by parents for their unique educational concepts and in their own right.

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  • A feature written on one of these “freedom schools” Jiyu Gakuen that offers its unique Seikatsu curriculum.
  • Tokyo Shure, one of Japan’s most famous free schools, and its new middle schools and university
  • Nationwide listing of Free Schools & Free Spaces
  • New free school in the news


My sons attended a group called Seikatsudan, which follows the Seikatsudan curriculum offered at Jiyugakuen (the Freedom School) in Hibarigaoka. Seikatsudan began more than 50 years ago, and many mothers/fathers of the children that attended with my sons also attended Seikatsudan themselves. According to these parents, Seikatsudan hasn’t changed at all over time!

There were many unique things about Seikatsudan. First of all, children met only once a week in the first year and twice or three times in the second and third years.* Language-wise, it was probably not the best way for my boys to pick up Japanese; their ability in Japanese progressed slowly over three years. However, by their “graduation,” they could speak comfortably with their friends and teachers, and the transition to Japanese elementary school was very smooth.

The atmosphere at Seikatsudan was unlike anything I have witnessed anywhere else! The emphasis was on “children as leaders,” and children were encouraged to follow routines and remember basic tasks with as little guidance as possible from adults. (This was often a tough concept for a hands-on mom!) Children were offered ample time to think things out and complete their tasks — I was often amazed at how patient the teachers were with the kids!

Since the children met only once or twice a week at the actual school, they brought home reward charts to do on the other days at home. At first, the program seemed to me to require little commitment, with the other days at home wide open for other activities. Over time, especially with my second son I realized the importance of the simple life the school promoted, focussing on getting up/getting to bed early, eating four meals a day, making homemade food, etc.

The children also were responsible for taking care of animals: love birds in the first year, guinea pigs in the second year and homing pigeons in the third year. The final year was truly unique as the class raised baby pigeons and “trained” them to return to the school by taking them to parks and releasing them. (MOST of them made it back!)

One other thing that was unique was that the children all took “solfage” (do-re-mi) together at the school as well as piano lessons. One of the days that the children met was thus “music day.” For us, this was wonderful! Had we attended a regular kindergarten, I’m not sure that we would have had the time or made the time for piano/music lessons.

I suppose the last thing I should mention is that Seikatsudan required an enormous commitment on the part of the mothers. We had many responsibilities at the school — cooking lunch, deciding menus, taking care of animals, babysitting sibings, cleaning, setting up/taking things down, sewing …. Most of my friends thought I was crazy for continuing with such a regime, but over five years I learned so much about myself, my kids, Japan, wa-shoku, people. I didn’t fully realize how intense the program was until my kids were finished!!

Seikatsudan is also different from Tomoe Gakuen, the school that Totto-chan (Tetsuko Kuroyanagi) attended, as written in the book Little Girl at the Window. (A great read if you haven’t read it yet — my boys loved that story!)

Jiyugakuen (the Freedom School, grade 1 through high school and women’s college) and Seikatsudan (the “yochien” counterpart) were begun by Hani Motoko-sensei, an educator, journalist and Christian socialist, and her husband. At the same time, Hani-sensei also started the women’s group Tomo no kai, which still exists all over Japan today, and the monthly magazine Fujin no Tomo. Hani-sensei also wrote articles on child rearing and education, which were compiled into numerous books. These books are still widely read and used at Jiyugakuen and by Tomo no kai and Seikatsudan.

The original Jiyugakuen building, located in Mejiro, was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, a friend of Mr. and Mrs. Hani. The building became too small and the school was relocated to the Hibarigaoka campus. The original building, truly a work of art, still stands and is used for meetings and weddings; both my sons practiced for their undokai on the front lawn! Tours are also offered. You can see photos of the original building here.

Seikatsudan has 14 locations throughout Japan (including one at the Hibarigaoka campus), mostly in larger cities such as Sapporo, Tokyo (Setagaya), Nagoya, Kobe, Yokohama, Osaka, etc. You can find out more information on the “program” and locations here.

I noticed that the Seikatsudan at Jiyugakuen in Hibarigaoka will change from meeting once/twice a week to every day (Monday to Friday) from next year. How sad that this changing … after almost 70 years! I know that some parents wanted their kids to have the chance to attend every day, but meeting once or twice a week was exactly the reason why I chose Seikatsudan rather than the local yochien or hoikuen.


JIYU-GAKUEN (preschool – college ) Sapporo, Tokyo (Setagaya), Nagoya, Kobe, Yokohama, Osaka. For preschool locations listed here For other school locations, phone: 078-241-9213 or contact viaemail them for a listing.
Seikatsu activities can be observed at these pages here and here. For a Seikatsu curriculum overview see this page.
More info here; For the yochien group see this website. You can also join the e-list by sending an email to their list

The other school with info featured below is TOKYO SHURE which is probably the most famous free school in the nation catering to truant and school-refusing children (known as “futoko”).


1-9-19 Kishimachi, Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-0021
Phone : 03-5993-3135, 3136 Fax: 03-5993-3137

There is a 10,000 fee for the first five visits to check out any of their three spaces. If you decide to join, there is a one time startup membership fee of 153,000 yen. In addition, there is a monthly fee of 45,000 yen. If you only go 2 or 3 times a month, there is a special monthly fee of 15,000 yen. In addition, parents or guardians must pay a one time fee of 20,000 yen and an annual fee (each April through the following March) of 10,000.That adds up to about $7,000 per year which is about what most private schools in the US charge and is cheaper than private schools here I think so if your child went full time that would be expensive but not totally unreasonable. If they didn’t go often it would be prohibitive I would think. – Jill
For more info in English, click here. Tokyo Shure also operates a branch organisation called Home Shure that is a network supporting homeschooling families; as well as the Shure University that opened in 1999, catering for Tokyo Shure’s graduates who wish to carry on higher learning.

Plan proposed to teach truants / Pioneer of free-school movement to open special school in Tokyo – The Yomiuri Shimbun

Tokyo Shure free school, which has been operating in the Tokyo metropolitan area for 20 years, plans to open a middle school for truant students in spring 2007 in a disused municipal primary school in Katsushika Ward, Tokyo.

Keiko Okuchi, 64, who is a representative of Tokyo Shure, started her teaching career at the school, Shonan Primary School, in 1963.

The ward government was happy to agree to the plan presented by Okuchi because it would put the school, which closed four years ago, to use as well as doing something to tackle truancy.

By law, school grounds and buildings have to be owned by a school corporation. But to realize Tokyo Shure’s plan, the ward will ask the central government in January to permit the establishment of a private school in a former public school building rented in a designated structural reform district.

Looking back more than 40 years, Okuchi recalled her days at Shonan Primary School.

“I remember all the enjoyable times I had there, even after all this time,” Okuchi said.
Okuchi went on to teach at several other primary schools. But it was her experience with her eldest son that made Okuchi think about opening a special school for truants. At school he was bullied, and became a truant student himself.
Okuchi resigned from teaching at public schools and established Tokyo Shure in 1985. The pioneer of the Japanese free-school movement, Tokyo Shure was certified as a nonprofit organization in 1999. Since then, more than 1,000 graduates have passed through its gates.

In Britain, New Zealand and the United States, free schools are recognized on an equal footing with other schools, and some receive public money.

In comparison, free schools in Japan are considered halfway houses for problem students before they return to more-traditional schools.

Okuchi strongly believes that free schools should be positioned alongside traditional schools to make children feel proud of going to them. She said she is proud of having helped raised the status of free schools to a level comparable with traditional schools.

“I’m so glad because my dream will be realized at Shonan Primary School, of which I have many memories,” she said.
The new school will limit class sizes to about 40 students for each grade, and it will be run in the same way as Tokyo Shure.

It will be up to the students whether they attend the school, and they will have some freedom in the activities they pursue. Work experience and volunteer activities will be included in the school program.

“Children must first feel relaxed to study. I don’t deny the [value of the] current school system, but I’d like to make a school in which truant students can fulfill their potential in a good environment,” Okuchi said.

The Katsushika Ward government has asked Tokyo Shure to give preference to admitting students living in the ward as a condition of renting the free school the old school building.

Kenichi Oshio of the Katsushika Ward Education Board said, “We welcome the new school as it will increase options for truant students and their parents in the ward.”
(Oct. 22, 2005)

LISTING OF FREE SCHOOLS & FREE SPACES (there are 240 free schools that are members of the Japan Free School Association)

Free House (grade 1 – 18 years old)
12-3 Sakae-cho, Kushiro-city, Hokkaido 085-0013
Phone: 0154-24-2745

Sesami Caravan Juku (15 years old – )
2F Felis Nishino 6-2-10 Nishino 2 Jou, Nishi-kum Sapporo-city, Hokkaido 063-0032
Phone: 011-667-3161 Fax: 011-667-3162

Sapporo Koinonia Gakuen (grade 4 – 9)
14-1-28 Minami 22 Jou Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-city, Hokkaido 064-0922
Phone: 011-532-8482 Fax: 011-532-8482

Sapporo Jiyugaoka Gakuen (13 – 20 years old)
Akasia Building, 4 Kita 22 Jou Nishi, Kita-ku, Sapporo-city, Hokkaido 001-0022
Phone: 011-736- 5065 Fax: 011-736- 5075

Free School Satoporo (6 years old – )
6-2-40 Kita 33 Jou Nishi, Kita-ku, Sapporo-city, Hokkaido 001-0033
Phone: 011-736-5065 Fax: 011-736-5075

Setana Folkehojskoler (15 years old – )
925 Kyowa, Setana-cho, Setana-gun, Hokkaido 049-4827
Phone: 01378-7-2064 Fax : 01378-7-2064

Komatsushima Kodomo no Ie
7-1 Komatsushima Sintei, Aoba-ku, Sendai-city, Miyagi 981-0906
Phone: 0222-3301755 Fax: 022-234-6304

Platz K
6-11 Matsugaoka, Taihaku-ku, Sendai-city, Miyagi 980-0021
Phone: 022-229-9744 Fax: 022-229-8233

Space Manabi Kimura Juku
11-2 nangou, Kesennuma-city, Miyagi 988-0043
Phone: 0226-24-3029 Fax: 0226-24-3029

Zao Ikoi no Sato (Boarding School for 10 – 30 years old)
2561-1 Nagano aza Zaou-san, Kaminoyama-city, Yamagata 999-3114
Phone: 0236-79-2214, 5 Fax: 0236-73-2610

International New Life College
74 Souri matsusaku, Ishikawa-cho, Ishikawa-gun, Fukushima 963-7808
Phone: 0247-26-2236 Fax: 0247-26-7926

Harmony Center Souma Pony Bokujo (10 – 18 years old)
59 Kami Tochikubo aza Senosawa, Kashima-cho, Souma-gun, Fukushima 979-2462
Phone: 0244-47-2458 Fax: 0244-47-2535

Furusato Ryugaku Taketonbo Gakuen (Boarding school)
1-36 Samekawa mura Yanagisawa, Higashi Shirakawa-gun, Fukushima 963-8400
Phone: 0247-49-3344 Fax: 0247-49-2250

Shinyu Sya (6 – 17years old)
1-27-15 Nishi Oshima, Hitachinaka-city, Ibaraki 312-0041
Phone Fax: 029-274-6235

940 Takeda, Hitachinaka-city, Ibaraki 312-0025
Phone: 029-273-0770

Rakuda Benkyo-sitsu
33-41 Fujimidai, kukisaki-cho, Inasiki-gun, Ibaraki 300-1263
Phone: 0298-76-3129 Fax: 0298-76-3129

Free School Shirakaba-Juku ( – 19 years old)
Dai 2 kanaya Heights, 2-14-31 Toride, Toride-city, Ibaraki 302-0004
Phone: 0297-77-8764

Sudachi (13 – 30 years old)
2125 Koibuchi, Uchihara-cho, Higashi Ibaraki-gun, Ibaraki 319-0323
Phone: 029-259-2774

Free School Kashi no Ki (pre-school – )
1912-15 Kosaka-cho, Ushiku-city, Ibaraki 300-1145
Phone: 0298-73-7452

Freedom 21
5-12-20 Hakusan, Toride-city, Ibaraki 302-0023
Phone: 0297-77-0048 Tochigi YMCA Free Space (6 years old – )

YMCA East,
4-3-15 Hanawada, Utsunomiya-city, Tochigi 320-0027
Phone: 0286-21-9885 Fax: 0286-21-9885

Seisei sya (6 years old – )
4-3-15 Hanawada, Utsunomiya-city, Tochigi 320-0027
Phone & Fax: 0286-21-9885

Yasuragi no Ie
1301 Nemoto, Mooka-city, Tochigi 321-4311
Phone: 0285-84-7109 Fax: 0285-84-7109

Pasu no Kai
338-3 Iizuka, Tamamura-cho, Hawa-gun, Gunma 370-1102
Phone: 0270-65-1738 Fax: 0270-65-1738

Yokobori Home (boarding School)
1860-7 Horikoshi, Taiko-cho, Seta-gun, Gunma 371-0231
Phone: 0272-83-6855 Fax: 0272-83-6812

Daishigi Juku (junior high – )
1700 Tukuda, Akagi mura, Seta-gun, Gunma 379-1103
Phone: 0279-56-8510 Fax: 0279-56-8520

Jagaimo Tengoku (boarding school)
227-1 Tsukida, kasukawa mura, Seta-gun, Gunma 371-0203
Phone & fax: 027-285- 5453

Akagi Sizen Gakuen (elementary – high school)
1140 Akagi yama, Fujimi mura, Seta-gun, Gunma 371-0101
Phone and Fax: 027-288-3956

Saisei Gakusya (elementary school – )
2-12-33 Daitou, Urawa-city, Saitama 336-0902
Phone & Fax: 048-884-1234

Ringo no ki (Apple Tree)
Yuugaku sya, 1-25-14 Sengendai Nishi, Koshigaya-city, Saitama 343-0041
Phone: 0489-77-3288

Baku no Kai
316-21 Yamaguchi, Tokorozawa-city, Saitama 359-1145
Phone: 042-924-5808

Niigashi Gakusyujuku
8-43 Terao, Kawagoe-city, Saitama 350-1141
Phone & Fax: 0492-42-2822

Konshin Juku (grade 1 – 9 )
2168 Kamagata, Arasiyama-cho, Hiki-gun, Saitama 355-0225
Phone: 0493-62-2617 Fax: 0493-62-9750

Otenki Benkyo Kai (grade 1 – 9)
1-75-3 Honcho, Kitamoto-city, Saitama 364-0033
Phone: 0485-91-8002

Atlier Yuu
303 Arai building, 3-205 Daimon-cho, Oomiya-city, Saitama 330-0846
Phone and Fax: 048-656-2552

Kodomo Mondai Kenkyusyo Free Space Frame
1509-1-307 Katsuse Nakasawa, Fujimi-city, Saitama 354-0031
Phone & Fax: 0492-66-2398

2-275 Sin Matsudo Minami, Matsudo-city, Chiba 271-0063
Phone and Fax: 0473-46-0041

Friend Space Matsudo (grade 5 – )
2F Nakazato Building, 2-1-3 Kitamatsudo, Matsudo-city, Chiba 271-0063
Phone: 047-364-7332 Fax: 047-362-4065

Space Umi
1-194 Soga-cho, Chuo-ku, Chiba-city, Chiba 260-0822
Phone: 043-261-0924 Fax: 043-268-4733

Kodomo no Mori Yamane Alternative School ( 5 years old – )
443-3- Ookido-cho, Midori-ku, Chiba-city 267-0057
Phone & Fax: 043-294-8728

Yuubi Chisana Gakuen (5 – 15 years old)
360-2 Toyoshiki, Kashiwa-city, Chiba 277-0863
Phone: 0471-46-3501 Fax: 0471-47-1491

Seikatsu Juku Eru Free School (7 years old – )
3-5-4 Kita Kashiwa, Kashiwa-city, Chiba 277-0832
Phone: 0471-66- 9252

School Big ban Space BB
3-9-4A Minami-Nagareyama, Nagareyama-city, Chiba 270-0163
Phone & Fax: 0471-58-8769

Free Pallet
8-7-3 Namiki, Abiko-city, Chiba 270-1165
Phone: 0471-84-2692 Fax: 0471-85-5233

Ain Gakuin (junior high – )
1-18-53 Maruyama, Kamagaya-city, Chiba 273-0103
Phone: 047-444-4211 Free Space Friends (grade 1 – 9)
2F Tsudanuma Dai6 Shoubou Bundan, 1-12-8 Tsudanuma, Narashino-city, Chiba 275-0016
Phone: 0474-74-1687

Kodomo no Mori (grade 1 – )
443-3 Ookido-cho, Midori-ku, Chiba-city, Chiba 267-0057
Phone: 043-295-3137

Frene Kyouikua
1-10-12 Yachiyodai Higassi, chiyo-city, Chiba 276-0032

Phone: 0474-84-8563 Door Club
3-245-2 Mukaikogane, Nagareyama-city, Chiba 270-0143
Phone & Fax: 0471-73-5573

Eimei Juku
2-7-13 Hirai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 132-0035
Phone & Fax: 03-3682-6190 e-mail:

Manabi sya
1-19-6 20C machiya, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo 116-0001
Phone: 03-3895-1893

Manabi no Hiroba
2-23-12 Minami-cho, Kokubunji-city, Tokyo 185-0021
Phone & Fax 042-322-7160

Yu yu sya
1-10-16 Nishi, Kunitachi-city, Tokyo 186-0005
Phone 042-575-2124

Takasaki Gakuen (7 – 19 years old)
3-27-4-301 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 250-0003
Phone: 03-3409-2390 Fax: 03-3409-2390

Cosmos Plan (6 – 18 years old)
6-9-14 Honcho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0071
Phone & Fax: 03-3376-5962

Busyu Seminar
3-1-18 Maebara-cho, Koganei-city, Tokyo 184-0013
Phone: 0423-85-2700

Japan Frene (grade 1 – )
2-8-17 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022
Phone: 03-3352-3135 Fax: 03-3352-3039 e-mail:

Tokyo YMCA Open Space Liby
2-18-12 Nishi Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0051
Phone: 03-3202-1836 Fax: 03-3202-0329

Asobi no Kai Yuugaku sya
2-28-19 Misyuku, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0005
Phone: 03-3411-3605 Fax: 03-3421-4482

Terakoya Izumi (9 – 18 years old)
5-5-18-2F Fukazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0081
Phone: 03-3420-9998

Open Space Be
1-15-13 Akatsutsumi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
phone: 03-5300-5581 Fax: 03-5300-5583

Free School Bokunchi (elementary school – adults)
4-24-5-25 Daita, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 155-0033
Phone & Fax: 03-3327-7142

School Willing
2-22-1 Ikejiri Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0001
Phone & Fax: 03-5430-5478

Free Space Egg
5-23-20-201 Minami karasuyama, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 157-0062
Phone & Fax: 03-3307-6559

Otanko bouzu no niwa
6-15-10 Ueno, Taitou-ku, Tokyo 110-0015
Phone: 03-3841-1586

Renge sya (grade 5 – )
1-4-2-15 Ogawa, Machida-city, Tokyo 194-0003
Phone & Fax: 042-796-0132

Cooking House
1-10-5 Nunoda, Chofu-city, Tokyo 182-0024
Phone & Fax: 0424-88-6369

Hino Tobu Kyoushitsu (7 – 25 years old)
3-6-18-106 Sinmyou, Hino-city, Tokyo 191-0016
Phone & Fax: 042-585-4165

Shizen ni manabu Kujiraya
1-49-3 Minami-cho, Fucyu-city, Tokyo 183-0026
Phone & Fax: 042-336-2909

Chuo Koutou Gakuin
2-21-8 Kichijoji Honcyo, Musashino-city, Tokyo 184-0004
Phone: 0422-22-7787 Fax: 0422-22-7731

Sugaku juku Mure
2-11-3 305 Nishikubo, Musashino-city, Tokyo 180-0013
Phone & Fax: 0422-55-0563

Tame Juku (elementary school – )
1-12-5 Kamihira, Fukuo-city, Tokyo 197-0012
Phone: 0425-53-2575 Fax: 0425-51-6759

Tamariba Negibozu
3-19-4-110 Kamisyakujii, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 177-0044
Phone & Fax: 03-3594-0210

Ikiiki mura (6 years old – )
2-36-5 Tagara, Nerima-city, Tokyo 179-0073
Phone: 03-3977-7758 Fax: 03-3977-3038

Jiyu Gakko (Free School) Yuu
3-11-2-102 Naka, Kunitachi-city, Tokyo 186-0004
Phone & Fax: 0425-71-0970

Free School Koppie (elementary – high school)
1-10-1 Izumi honcho, Komae-city, Tokyo 201-0003
Phone: 03-5438-3910 Fax: 03-3480-8758

Bunka Gakusyu Kyoudou Center (elementary school – )
1-14-3 Simorenjaku, Mitaka-city, Tokyo
Phone: 0422-47-8706 Fax: 0422-47-8706

Hanegi Play Park no Kai
4-38-52 Daita, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 155-0033
Phone: 03-3324-9284 Fax: 03-3322-9877

Eiseigakuin Support Free school (elementary – high school)
6-6-4 Kawabe cho, Ome-city, Tokyo 198-0036
Phone: 0428-23-3174 Fax: 0428-23-3185

Committed Academy (post junior high)
2-6-10 Higashi Tsutusjigaoka, Chofu-city, Tokyo 182-0005
Phone & Fax: 03-5384-1577
Eikyouken, Shibuya Free School
3-1-15 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0042
Phone: 03-3464-8830 Fax: 03-3464-7995

International Columbus Academy
11-8 Nishimachi, Isogo-ku, Yokohama-city, Kanagawa 235-0007
Phone: 045-751-9449 Fax: 045-751-9460

Andersen Gakuin (12 – 18 years old)
9 Kanazawacho, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-city, Kanagawa 236-0015
Phone: 045-781-5860 Fax: 045-782-1253

Wakaime no kai (grade 1 – 20 years old)
777-12 Nasecho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-city, Kanagawa 245-0051
Phone: 045-812-0115 Fax: 045-812-0115

Rakuda Juku Yuu ( 6 years old – )
2005-201 Nagayacho, Minami-ku, Yokohama-city, Kanagawa 233-0017
Phone & Fax: 045-823-5220

Kusunoki Gakuen (16 – 18 years old)
2482-1 Kozukuecho, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-city, Kanagawa 222-0036
Phone: 045-473-7880 Fax: 045-47-8225

Sharlock Holmes
3-1 Miyagaya, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-city, Kanagawa 200-0006
Phone & Fax: 045-314-3686

Hajime-juku ( 6 years old – )
1-11-7 Shiroyama, Odawara-city, Kanagawa 250-0045
Phone: 0465-34-6033 Fax: 0465-32-4077 Tamariba
620 Hisachi, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki-city, Kanagawa 213-0032
Phone: 044-833-7562 Fax: 044-833-7534

Gathering Space (10 – 18 years old)
2-7-32 Yabe, Sagamihara-city, Kanagawa 229-0032
Phone: 0427-58-9803

Kodomo Chikyu Club (Children’s Earth Club)
13-18-113 Cyuo, Yamato-city, Kanagawa 242-0021
Phone & Fax: 0462-63-2412

Sagamiko Free School (grade 3 – 9)
39 Yosemoto-cho, Ssagamiko-matchi, Tsukui-gun, Kanagawa 199-0102
Phone & Fax: 0426-84-3565

Free Space Dream (7 years old – )
516-2 Tsukahara, Minami ashigara-city, Kanagawa 250-0117
Phone: 0465-70-3500

Tatami House
2054-3 Izumi-cho, Izumi-ku, Yokohama-city, Kanagawa 245-0016
Phone & Fax: 045-803-7771

My Space
4-15-1-309 Chigasaki Minami, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-city, Kanagawa 224-0037
Phone & Fax: 045-942-5331

Free Space Kayo-bi
2-1-40-503 Kamiizumi, Ebina-city, Kanagawa 243-0431
Phone: 0462-35-1846

Free Space Nobi-Nobi
25-3 Toyohara-cho, Hiratsuka-city, Kanagawa 254-0911
Phone: 0463-34-8978

Sugina no Kai
1710-4 Ichikawa Daimon-cho, Nishi Yatsushiro-gun, Yamanashi 409-3601
Phone: 0552-72-1848 Fax: 0552-72-8109

Chikyu Kodomo no Ie, Shimojo Syougai Gakusyu Center (Global Children’s house, Shimojo Life-long study center) (junior high – )
4767-1 Mutsusawa, Shimojo-mura, Shimoina-gun, Nagano 399-2101
Phone & Fax: 0260-27-3014

Nozomi Gakuen
414 Higashi Ina, Komagane-city, Nagano 399-4321
Phone & Fax: 0265-83-4064

Free School Saku
185-1 Sarukubo, Saku-city, Nagano 385-0011
Phone: 0267-67-8986

Space (teenagers)
158-15 Matsushiro Onsen, nagano-city, Nagano 381-1226
Phone & Fax: 026-278-7223

Daichi Juku
5428-6 Urasa, Yamato-cho, Minami Uonuma-gun, Nigata 949-7302
Phone: 0257-77-2187 Fax: 0257-77-3422

Eisu Seminar Free Room
3-5-3 Jintsu-cho, Toyama-city, Toyama 930-0009
Phone & Fax: 0764-41-7843

Kanazawa Amenity School
1-3-16 Teramachi, kanazawa-city, Ishikawa 921-8033
Phone: 076-241-4488 Fax: 076-244-5973

Oneness School Kanazawa Machi no Kyositsu
1-33 Hogo, kanazawa-city, Ishikawa 921-8052
Phone: 076-240-3335 Fax: 076-249-8494

LITS, Life School (10 years old – )
1603-1 Jinno, Seki-city, Gifu 501-3203
Phone: 0575-29-0480 Fax: 0575-29-0348

Sizen Gakusya Sinjuku (8 – 37 years old)
852 Terada, Gifu-city, Gifu 501-0104
Phone: 058-253-9350

Shisui Juku Aladdin Free Space (9 – 15 years old)
1644-1 Itsukahorinouchi, Yaizu-city, Shizuoka 425-0077
Phone & Fax: 054-629-9590

Matsuura Juku (7 years old – )
5-13-23 Toro, Shizuoka-city, Shizuoka 422-8033
Phone: 054-285-9000 Fax: 054-285-5118

Genki Juku ( 6 – 39 years old)
2-2-27 Inagawa, Shizuoka-city, Shizuoka 422-8062
Phone 054-283-8141 Fax: 054-283-8142

Denmark Bokujo, Kodomo no ie (boarding school)
591-367 Yamasaki, Fukuroi-city, Shizuoka 437-1311

Free Space Terakoya Open Door
1554-1 Sanpo, Shimizu-city, Shizuoka, 424-0901
Phone & Fax: 0543-35-3335

Mushin an, Oyako Fureai juku
668 Aokidaira, Fujinomiya-city, Shizuoka 418-0047
Phone & Fax: 0544-26-1640

Hokuto ryo
5-141 Mitani Kita Dori, Gamagoori-city, Aichi 443-0022
Phone & Fax: 0533-68-8756

Hot Staff
40-20 Ejima-cho, Toyohashi-city, Aichi 441-8111
Phone & Fax: 0532-47-3973

Free Space Gorone no kai
2-1 Hachiman-cho, Toyoda-city, Aichi 471-0861
Phone & Fax: 0565-32-3212

Nature School (3 – 18 years old)
1-5 Yamanokami, Narumi-cho, Midori-ku, Nagoya-city, Aichi 458-0801
Phone & Fax: 052-896-6820

Manabi to Kouryuu no Ba, NONE (8 years old – )
1-81-503 Issya, Meitou-ku, Nagoya-city, Aichi 465-0093
Phone & Fax: 052-703-9166

Free School Terakoya-juku
4-9-19 Amagasuka, Yokkaichi-city, Mie 510-8001
Phone: 0593-63-4990 Fax: 0593-63-4989

Wacky Space
321-25 Naka Komori-cho, Omi Hachiman-city, Shiga 523-0041
Phone: 0748-33-7232

Space One
3-7 Kikusui-cho, Kawachinagano-city, Osaka 586-0012
Phone & Fax: 0721-54-3301

Make Friends no Kai
753 Fukai kita machi, Sakai-city, Osaka 599-8271
Phone & Fax: 0722-78-1531

Nobi-nobi Gakusyu Center ( 7 – 20 years old)
2-2-19 Kongo, Osaka Sayama-city, Osaka 589-0005
Phone & Fax: 0723-66-9434

Friend Space Osaka (grade 5 – 30 years old)
1-10 Tsunashima-cho, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka 534-0026
Phone: 06-6351-1927 Fax: 06-6351-5192

Ishii Kodomo to Bunka Kenkyusyo (10 years old – )
3-8-16 Hirano Minami, Hirano-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka 547-0031
Phone & Fax: 06-6708-7758

Free Space Nawate Yuugakujo (6 – 17 years old)
3-3-25 Hokujo, Daito-city, Osaka-fu 574-0011
Phone & Fax: 0720-77-4412

Chikyu Gakkou (Earth School)
525-3 Imazu-cho, Takasago-machi, Takasago-city, Hyogo, 676-0041
Phone: 0794-42-1473

Kobe Free School (elementary – high school)
8-8-10 Yamate Dori, chuo-ku, Kobe-city, Hyogo 650-0011
Phone & Fax: 078-366-0333

Hori Suteki Juku ( 10 years old – )
3-2-7 Takaha-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe-city, Hyogo 657-0023
Phone: 078-821-7012

Learn Net Global School ( 4 years old – )
2-3-10 Tsuchiyama-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe-city, Hyogo 657-0022
Phone: 078-845-2180 Fax: 078-842-5174

Nishinomiya Free Space SKY
5-23 Kagura-cho, Nishinomiya-city, Hyogo 662-0977
Phone: 0798-35-5987 Fax: 0798-23-6170

Chisana Gakkou (small school)
4-12-4 Higashi Sonoda-cho, Amagasaki-city, Hyogo 661-0953
Phone & Fax: 0798-53-4426

Kokoro no Free School (6 years old – )
YMCA Youth Center, 1-14-1, Nishidaiji Kunimi-cho, Nara-city, Nara 631-0823
Phone 0742-48-0713 Fax: 0742-46-7550

Free Schoo Sakiwai Gakuen
2-871-4 406 Higashi Nabata, Ikoma-city, Nara 630-0215
Phone: 0643-75-5668

Place Yu-yu (grade 4 – 9)
3-8-2 Kudo, Ouji-cho, Kita Katsuragi-gun, Nara 636-0003
Phone & Fax: 0745-32-1777

3-15-1-7-301 Sijaku, Nara-city, Nara 631-0806
Phone & Fax: 0742-71-9197

Harmony College Pony Boarding Farm
299 Saiyo, Yatou-cho, Yazu-gun, Tottori 680-0531
Phone & Fax: 0858-84-3415

Swiss Mura (Swiss Village) (elementary – high school)
Gunai, Kouwa-cho, Hira-gun, Hiroshima 728-0501
Phone & Fax: 08248-7-2808

Hoshi no Ugi Neko no Tsubasa ( 6 – 18 years old)
4004-2 Higashikiwa Higashiozawa, Ube-city, Yamaguchi 755-0241
Phone: 0836-58-3480 Fax: 08336-58-4457

TOEC Free School ( 4 years old – )
92 Minami Koujun, Yanagishima-cho, Anan-city, Tokushima 774-0043
Phone & Fax: 0886-26-3436

Plus Place
2-1-12-543 Jonan-cho, Tokushima-city, Tokushima 700-8064
Phone & Fax: 0886-25-5990

Free School Human Harbor
3-3-7 Ueno-cho, Takamatsu-city, Kagawa 761-8064
Phone: 090-5503-8413

Kappadoujou (junior high – )
1509 Nakayama-cho, Takamatsu-city, Kagawa 761-8004
Phone : 0878-82-4022 Fax: 0878-81-5906

Free Space Yuuminkan (elementary school – 20 years old)
2-3-21 Asami, Matsuyama-city, Ehime 791-8023
Phone & fax: 089-927-5369

Matusyama Free School
159 Beppu-cho, Matsuyama-city, Ehime 791-8056
Phone & Fax: 0899-57-3762

Haru no Ie (infant – )
58-1 Genkai-cho Oaza Eguchigahara, Munakata-gun, Fukuoka 811-3502
Phone: 0940-62-1497

Souzou Tanken Juku (6-18 years old)
1472 Uchidono, Fukuma-cho, Munakata-gun, Fukuoka 811-3205
Phone & Fax: 0940-42-8600

Open House Yuu
1-2-28 Hatakegasaka, Oonojou-city, Fukuoka 816-0982
Phone & Fax: 092-954-1841

Fukuoka Free School Kenkyukai, Nagi no Heya (elementary – junior high school)
198-16 Murasaki, Chikushino-city, Fukuoka 818-0061
Phone: 092-923-7152 Fax: 092-922-4199

Space Totoro
661-52 Tonnno, Nougata-city, Fukuoka 822-0002
Phone & Fax: 09492-6-3708

Kuge Juku
2-3-12 Kego, Cyuo-ku, Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka 810-0023
Phone: 092-761-0907 Fax: 092-761-2497

Happy American School (pre-school – )
2-7-42 Kumamoto-cho, Kokura kita-ku, Kitakyusyu-city, Fukuoka 802-0044
Phone & Fax: 093-533-7740

Keyamachi Sougou Gakusyu Center(elementary school – )
Website: chaya.html
9-7-102 Keya-machi, Yahata Higashi-ku, Kitakyusyu-city, Fukuoka 805-0014
Phone & Fax: 093-653-0873

3-1-11 Tojika, Kumamoto-city, Kumamoto 862-0970
Phone: 096-372-0972

I.H.Center (10 – 25 years old)
23-21 Kamiarata-cho, Kagoshima-city, Kagoshima 890-0055
Phone & Fax: 099-254-3253

Dream Planet International School (boarding school for 6 – 18 years old)
Moon Beach, 1203 Mae Kanehisa, Onnnou-mura, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa 904-0414
Phone: 098-964-7025 Fax: 098-982-5069
See write-ups about Dream Planet

Tomoe Gakuen / Rose Yochien / Kita Osaka group of free schools that emphasizes the importance of awareness with nature and one’s environment, cultivating the free and independent as well as right civic values.

Researched by Watanabe Reiko

In The News: 
“International kids to get free school”, The Japan Times: May 29, 2005

A nonprofit group promoting multiculturalism will open a free school next month in Arakawa Ward, Tokyo, for foreign
children or Japanese children who have a limited command of the Japanese language due to being raised by non-Japanese
parents, group officials said Saturday.

The Center for Multicultural Information & Assistance took the step to help children aged 16 or older who do not qualify for the free public education and those who have trouble adjusting to Japanese schools after finishing junior high school overseas, they said.

Because of their poor command of Japanese, these children often end up failing high school entrance exams or even becoming socially withdrawn, the officials said.

“We want the children to maximize their talents to triumph in their lives, even though it seems difficult now,” said Wang Huijin, the group’s representative.


Further reading:
Alternative Schools Offer Hope for Drop-outs in Japan by Suvendrini Kakuchi

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