Tathva International School Website: www.tathva.net

Location & address:

4-1-1 Higashi-Komatsugawa, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 132-0033
Phone: 03-6808-9090

Regular School: The academic year is from 1-Apr to 31-Mar.:

For school year 2011-2012, Kindergarten to Grade 6 programs are being offered.
For school year 2012-2013, applications are open for admissions to classes up to Grade 8

For Kindgergarten, the school follows the International Preschool Curriculum, an outcome based curriculum that has modules with learning outcomes defined(see details here). The school has as of 7 May 2012,  opened a new facility for Kindergarten school  that adjacent to the current school.

For regular school,  Tathva International School is now officially a member of the Cambridge school Network and offers a program that will eventually lead up to the Cambridge – IGCSE certification, A/AS Levels that are recognized across the world. See this page for the school’s admission and tuition fee structure.

Read more about the school’s stated educational philosophy and goals are at their school webpage.

Old data pending verification/updates for changes:

Its K program is aligned with Jefferson county curriculum of US  (rated as one of the best curriculum in US).

After School Program:
English, Japanese, Mathematics, Science and Computer science for all grades(1-10).
From Grade 6 to Grade 10, programs from one of the best trainers in India for IIT-JEE , Olympiad etc in Science and Mathematics through Video conferencing are being offered. The reason for this is to address the concerns raised by many parents about lack of intensive training and lack of visibility about the standings of their children in comparision to children studying in top CBSE schools in India. This has led many parents to worry about future of their kids and sacrifice their careers.

Corporate Japanese Program:
Also being offered are corporate Japanese programs from JLPT:Level 5 to Level 2.

From JLPT Level 4, the programs will be customized to introduce domain specific  topics for the learners, which will help them to improve  customer interactions.