Hayama International School (Yokosuka, Kanagawa)

Website: http://www.hayama-international.co.jp/
Address :  4427-4 Akiya Yokosuka City, Kanagawa 240-0105
Phone:  81 46 855 5112 Fax:  81 46 855 5113 Email :  contact@hayama-international.co.jp

Preschool to elementary school programs are available. The school curriculum follows the school philosophy, which is “Play, Think and Learn” and emphasizes learning in a fun and creative environment. Its educational program emphasizes the importance of autonomy and self directed learning. Students discover the joy of learning through various activities that engage an assortment of skills.

The school campus was formerly a beach resort home turned into an early education facility. From April 2009, the school moved to a brand new facility which also overlooks the ocean and Mt. Fuji. Students go on many different excursions throughout the year
In addition, Hayama International celebrates diversity and aims to allow its children the opportunity to “Play, Think, and Learn” in a culturally rich and diverse environment – one that is conducive to preparing them for responsible global citizenship. Hayama encourages children to “Play, Think, and Learn” in an environment that emphasizes “community” beyond the familiarity of the local neighborhood one and that focuses instead on the global neighborhood.

School news! … Hayama’s new elementary school campus opened in April 2009 and is accepting new students.

3 thoughts on “Hayama International School (Yokosuka, Kanagawa)”

  1. hello . I am interesting to enroll my kiddos in your school. I have 2 kids one is going to 4th grade, the second one is going to 1st grade.May please know the year tuition fees in dollars per child ? And additional expenses please for example: bus school books uniform. Thank you so much.


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