New liberal arts School of Global Studies, Tama University

School of Global Studies, Tama University.

Offers a bachelor of arts degree course in English for a four-year, in Global Studies at the new School of Global Studies at Tama University, located just outside Tokyo in the unique beach community of Shonan on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Full tuition waivers are available. Please inquire about one year and one semester visiting student appointments which are also available. The School of Global Studies is a new four-year liberal arts academic division of Tama University located on a new campus south of Tokyo and Yokohama. Modeled on renowned liberal arts universities in the United States, Europe, Oceania, and Asia, it is a dynamic educational environment for sustained and profound intellectual discussion and interaction. Unique within Japan, all of its academic and administrative activities are conducted in English, yet the School is also oriented to a global sense of communication and understanding. The School is dedicated to the production of an intellectual community that can in turn promote initiative and creativity among its members – the students and faculty. It seeks to produce future leaders who can be active members of the global community as well as anticipate and respond to the demands of the 21st century by not shying away from sensitive political and social issues. The School recognizes and affirms the current restructuring of the world, globalization, under which the world is divided into several regional groups. To be a leader in such society, the School explores every possibility, intellectually and academically, yet not directly politically. For this purpose, freedom of thought and speech are promoted on campus. An interactive form of teaching and study are at the heart of the School. This form of pedagogy is designed to allow each student to recognize their strengths and to build upon them. Our approach is designed specifically to enable us to help create leaders of many different kinds who will be able to create and not simply follow the tremendous new global possibilities of the 21st century. The professors at the School of Global Studies are Ph.D. holders from the top universities in the world, and in coming from all over the world, they are well positioned to work with the students in reaching the School’s aims. The faculty of the School are committed to providing an in-depth liberal education that is at the same time grounded in the most fundamental humanistic traditions, yet in touch with the most contemporary global level problems. The co-educational enrollment of 150 students per academic year will reflect a diversity of nationality and heritage. Enrollees from international high schools in Japan will join overseas students, Japanese high school students as well as non-traditional mature students.

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