Shinkenzemi Junior High School Course+i

In March 2008, Benesse launched its Shinkenzemi Junior High School Course + i (initially available only for first-year junior high school students), a correspondence course that combines paper-based materials with online study activities via the internet. The website claims that “Shinkenzemi Junior High School Course + i is the first large-scale e-learning system of its type anywhere in the world”.

This course offers a new style of home-based learning unlike traditional correspondence courses, and developers did their best to incorporate learning that will be of relevance to children when they take up their adult role in society.
The course that Benesse has developed– Shinkenzemi Junior High School Course + i – takes full advantage of the audio and video features of computers and the internet to provide explanations that are easier for students to grasp, and to tailor the lessons more precisely to the needs of each student. The internet also allows students to interact with “mentors” who give them advice on learning methods, and provide the support needed to resolve students’ concerns regarding studying on their own and other issues. This was not possible with traditional, paper-based correspondence courses. Furthermore, these courses not only teach students the lessons that are part of their curriculum; they also teach children how to solve problems by themselves, teach them practical English language skills, and help them develop skills in Information and Communications Technology (ICT).
Overview of “Shinkenzemi Junior High School Course + i” correspondence courses: