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Giving you the buzz on the coolest educational product featured on NHK TV (Asaichi) about 10 minutes ago…

Kodomo-benkyo-dekiru set /"Your child can study set"

Kodomo-benkyo-dekiru set /”Your child can study set”


You can buy it at bellemaison’s website for just under 3,000 yen, a steal for its neat multiple organizational features.

This is one of the niftiest edu-organizers I have ever seen. Kyoiku-mamas (educational-mamas) are snapping it up in the nation, first of all, it is a portable organizer-tidy that serves to help to surround the child and cut down on distractions (simulating a study carrel environment).

It has a dedicated compartment for textbooks, exercise-books, drillsheets; space for two calendar-schedule-sheets over which are magnetic strips where the student can use to post memos, photos, memory-aids, decorative items, etc; a clipboard for current drillsheet or researchnotes, or subject material being studied; a clear pocket for whatever…and on the side there are two attached organizational tidies (including a small one for a ruler), plus one loose-standing stationary tidy. The whole set has velcro-straps to secure the set and a carry-strap so you can actually carry this from room to room which is really useful in the space-tight homes of Japan and makes it easy for the child studying on the kitchen countertop to move everything in a jiffy to his or her room. Organizational, time management and scheduling skills are also nurtured, so the young child would be well-prepared for the difficult entrance exam years during 6th grade (elementary school) or 3rd grade (jr. high). For those of us frequently traveling overseas for our summer vacations, but who have to bring the infamous “shizen kyoshitsu”(nature or natural classroom) summer projects and other drillsheets with us, this set is going to be a boon. Btw, it’s waterproof, so students can take it to the park and study under a tree!  The only thing you want to add to the set up yourself would be a small kitchen-clock-cum timer, and the study materials… and of course, the student, and you’re good to go.

Last but not least, here is a tip for the more crafty parents reading this, you can buy an aluminium stove-surround-oil-guard and some oilcloth or decorative wallpaper to cover it all over, and armed with colored duct-tape, staple-guns or hotglue-guns, you can create your own study-organizer tidy.

Aluminium stove oil-splatter-guard

Aluminium stove oil-splatter-guard

Use cut out milk cartons to create the tidy boxes and add velcro straps and your own magnetic bulletin-cum whiteboard to substitute (or as part of the) for the clipboard, add decorative detail, and you have a remarkably personalized and unique study organizer! Older children will have so much fun making this with their parent…



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