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Original text of 1890 Imperial Rescript on Education found
Jiji Press — Apr 08 via newsonjapan
A document believed to be the original text of the Imperial Rescript on Education, issued in 1890 as basic norms of moral education in prewar Japan, has been discovered, the education ministry said Tuesday.
As the original text has historic values and requires proper management, the ministry will transfer it to the National Archives of Japan for public view in the future.
The two-page original text, signed and sealed by Emperor Meiji, was handed to then Prime Minister Aritomo Yamagata and then education minister Akimasa Yoshikawa.

Watch video FNN newsclip here.
文部科学省の書庫で、教育勅語の原本が50年ぶりに見つかり、国立公文書館に移管され­ることになった。 移管されることになったのは、教育勅語の原本のほかに、教育関係の歴史文書など20点­。

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