Introducing two new international schools

Announcing two new international schools, we have added these schools to our international schools directory listing.


Laurus International School of Science Primary School

Location: 3-4-17 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-5422-7375 Fax: 03-5422-7376

Opened April 2016, Laurus International School is ready to equip your children to become inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring global citizens. The school has a primary school, preschool and kindergarten program that science program is designed to meet the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) standards that are so vitally important in our modern world. In addition, students also acquire the basics of programming. Starting from an introduction that serves as a foundation they gradually step up to making games and applications.  At Laurus, students’ critical thinking skills are nurtured through experiments and continuous observation which leads to building hypotheses and verifying them in everyday lessons. The science class is an engaging mixture of inquiry learning and hands on experiments. Extended care is also offered for full day students, students can join in lessons of swimming, piano, ballet, dance, and other fun activities at the sports club nearby. At Laurus, Language Arts instruction is the foundation of its curriculum. The school aims to develop the child’s ability to read fluently, synthesize the information and build a bank of knowledge that the students can call upon to make connections and develop a deeper understanding of all the subjects in the curriculum.  The Social Studies program works hand in hand with its Language Arts classes and the philosophy of the PYP program.



Kikusui Building 101; Shin Ogawamachi 3-16; Shinjuku-Ku; Tokyo-To; 162-0814         Phone: 03-59468748; Fax: 03-5946-8749

Tesoro International School, which began operating on Jan 2016, aims to develop the minds and skills of young learners so that they become people that can contribute in a positive manner to their community and world around them.

The school aims to engage in directed teaching so children are able to explore their capabilities and are able to form their own ideas and solutions to the world around them.

The school uses the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) as their base curriculum to develop international-minded learning in children.

The school seeks to encourage children to progressively look at themselves, their family, their school, their community and their country from their own context.

The school aims to learn of children and people living in another part of the world, learning not only about the differences between people and cultures but also crucially the similarities.

The school uses Reggio Emilia method as a guide to play based-learning in class.

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