Lakeland Lecture by Tom Blackwood: Bukatsu – An Essential Part of Japanese School Education

A lecture on “Bukatsu, an essential part of the Japanese educational system” given by Dr. Thomas Blackwood will be held on May 25th, at 7 pm in Shinjuku. See for map details and queries, call: 03-3225-0425

Blackwood authored a chapter in the book Beyond Formal Schooling in Japan: Non-Formal Education and Civil Society (editor: Kaori H. Okano) “Homo-Athleticus: The Role of Extracurricular Clubs in Japanese High Schools” and other related-topical articles.

Why might this topic be of significance? Kaori Okano’s book suggests that intentional teaching and learning as well as ECA activities outside of formal Japanese academic schooling impact the Japanese student as much as formal classroom education.

Tom Black


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