Design of spaces can define a school’s character or educational philosophy…

Project New Look

A unique nursery in Kanawa, Japan could not have made going to school feel more like home. The Kiddy Shonan C/X nursery has designed all of its classrooms to be shaped as separate houses, each one designated for a specific activity such as music, art, and dancing. The inside of the school therefore feels more like a neighbourhood of excitement as the children run from house to house to learn and play. In fact, the floor is even decorated with lines to act as roads and guiding pathways in between the little houses!

cx_01_main Kiddy Shonan C/X nursery in Japan

The exterior of each classroom space is covered with wood, brick or drywall textual wallpaper to make the houses look even more realistic. On top of that, they all have large open windows and doors for children to look out from or climb through, creating a space of open community and togetherness. In this little neighbourhood, children…

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