The Grand Izumo Exhibition, scheduled from July 28th to September 9th, 2012, marks exactly 1300 years since the Kojiki – one of the most authoritative historical texts in the country – was first released. The Kojiki chronicles many landmark events both actual and mythical, eg.  the first ever sumo match.

In commemoration of this, the Kyoto National Museum will hold an unprecedented exhibition introducing treasures from the ancient Izumo shrines and closely affiliated temples as well as artifacts excavated from historic sites in Izumo in a single venue. This exhibition includes new discoveries made during preparatory surveys. Presented will also be an overview of Izumo legends, the beginning of Izumo Shrine, and the forms of prayers offered to the gods and buddhas by the ancient and medieval people of Izumo.

With next year 2013 also seeing the first grand renovation of Izumo Taisha shrine for six decades, the National Museum will be showcasing treasures from ancient Izumo shrines and artifacts excavated from the area – the first time they have been under one roof. An overview of Izumo legends, the story of the Grand Shrine’s foundation and explanations of ancient prayers to the gods will also make for fascinating viewing.

For more details on this event, please see: KANSAI “The Grand Izumo Exhibition” Kyoto National Museum