The triple disaster of March 11th, the 9.0 magnitude earthquake, 10-meter tsunami and the continuing Fukushima nuclear crisis has undoubtedly left a permanent mark on the Japanese memory and impacted the global community.  Thousands have died and many survivors have been forced to relocate.  Others are participating in home stays inside and outside of Japan to recover emotionally and/or temporarily escape the fear of exposure to radiation.


After School Lessons for Tohoku Children is a directory page created to put those who have been forced to relocate due to the tragedies of March 11th in touch with schools and organizations willing to offer assistance. The schools listed on this page have expressed a desire to give lessons to affected children for free or at a discounted rate. These charitable offers may seem small.  But it is hoped that these efforts will help those in need and raise awareness.


It is also hoped that participation will help reinvigorate the volunteer spirit and compassion will flow freely to those who have suffered from the tragedies.  The immediate outpouring of goodwill after any tragedy typically fades as people feel separated from it by time.  However, many are still struggling as they resettle in new locations. The devastation to their lives and the emotional and psychological pain they experience will not likely disappear overnight and thus continued support is necessary.



A listing of schools is at:


Posted by:  Jason Bartashius <>