My daughter’s hands are forever wrapped in scotchtape, cardboard, cloth or string, below are some of her recent creations …
This is what I call the Origami Effect at work …and possibly the result of the lack of store-bought toys in the home!
Welcome to her “dream house“…
Genkan entrance..Shower & bathtub…Shower seat & amenities
Chest of drawers, Bedroom: Shelves, bed, clothes wardrobe, desk.
Changing room … toilet amenities….washing machine
Time for recreation, game of tennis anybody?
Tennis balls and bag and more bag
Off to work, at the juku cramschool…
Juku building ……report cards and envelopes
Views from the classrooms
More classroom views
Shoeboxes, cubby-holes and lunch area
Daily commute via the local neighborhood train station:
Entrance ………….track view and a roof (opens up up for view of staircase)
Architectural plans and the proud 10 year old creator herself!