Tokyo International School Emergency Supply Center

Dear Friends,

We have decided to use Tokyo International School as an Emergency Supply Center to drop off the supplies listed below to be delivered by truck to the Tohoku region to support the 1,000’s of people in many shelters who are in desperate need of these supplies. We are collaborating with Second Harvest Japan to collect these supplies and the delivery them to Tohoku. They have already been receiving and sending supplies to those in need.

We need at least two people working in two shifts to be at TIS from 9 AM – 7 PM on a daily basis to be able to receive these supplies. We will organize these things in the lobby of TIS and they will be picked up on a regular basis. We will be available to start receiving these items from Tuesday, March 22nd at 9 AM (Sunday & Monday holiday with no delivery). Please send an e-mail to us through if you are willing to volunteer to sort the items and box them to be sent to those in need.

What do we need to send?

Any unexpired and unopened food that does NOT require refrigeration.

Ear plugs, earphones, eye masks, rice, retort-pouch food, canned food, emergency ration type of food, baby bottles, baby formulas, baby food, calorie-mate (energy bars),
portable water tanks, bottled water, portable water filters, paper cups, plastic bottles, portable gas stoves, solid fuels, camping pots, lanterns, blue sheets (plastic sheets), ropes, toilet paper, tissues, wet wipes, paper diapers, menstrual pads, medicines , emergency kit, masks, contact lens solution, mouth wash/gargles, soaps, shampoos (the kinds that don’t need water are good),
towels, blankets, sleeping bags, gloves, helmets, flash lights, slippers, batteries, candles, lighters, gasoline, kerosene, can openers, bottle openers, folding knives, trash bags, headache medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, pain killers, sanitizers, paper plates, paper cups, plastic spoons, plastic forks and chopsticks.

Please do not send us expired food, opened packages or any clothing!

Also, please pay for shipping when you send your donation.

Send to all items by takubin or post to:

TIS Disaster Relief Supplies 3-4-22 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073
Phone: 090 6569-7038

Or drop it off at Tokyo International School

Please go to our website we have set-up at to send your message of inquiry or support.


Tokyo International School & TEDxTokyo Communities in collaboration with Second Harvest Japan

東京インターナショナル・スクール (TIS) 緊急物資供給センター開設について

このたび、東京インターナショナル・スクール(TIS) は、既に東北地方の被災地への物資供給を行っている「セカンド・ハーベスト・ジャパン」と連携し、必要な地域へ物資を送り届けるため、TISを緊急物資供給センターとして使用する事を決定いたしました。避難所の何千何万というひっぱくした状況に居る東北大震災被災者の方々に、避難所等で必要な物資(下記リストご参照)を届けるための物資収集および一時保管場所とします。


提供物資の仕分けボランティアへご参加いただける方々は までメールにてご一報ください。