This fall, visit the Tama Center Halloween event which is smaller-scale than the Kawasaki city one, but that has a little more of the  “Japanese” touch because it also has a natsu-matsuri style line up of stalls (which kids love) in addition to the Halloween goings-on.

Take a field trip to the Jomon Mura or Jomon Village in Tama Center – one of Kanto Japan’s best-kept secrets. Here is a wonderful little Jomon reconstructed village – the Jomon-mura – and hands-on museum with real archaeological finds that have emerged from the development of the Tama New Town. Jomon-no-mura HP: Access information (see map at Tokyo Tama City. An easy walk from 5 minutes from Tama Center Station or 8 minutes from Tama City Monorail station. … See this page>

A big freebie attraction thrown in for good measure for the public is the Sanrio Puroland free admission … BUT here’s another EDUCATIONAL FREEBIE I want to tip all homeschoolers off about …just across the road from the Sanrio Puroland (see  map) is one of Kanto’s best-kept secrets – there is a wonderful little Jomon reconstructed village – the Jomon-mura – and hands-on museum.

They have here at the authentic Jomon Mura (Jomon village)  hundreds of real Jomon pottery artefacts (archaeological digging finds that have emerged due to the development of the Tama New Town) – there is an intimate exhibit room showing the artefacts related to the Jomon people and culture – and there are mock pottery pieces for kids can put together and feel like archaeologists, they can try their hands making fire the old-fashioned way; look at all the acorns and nuts that Jomon hunter-gatherers used to gather – and actually try their hands grinding on Jomon-style pestle-grinders to make chestnut flatbreads or cookies; try on kid-sized Jomon hemp clothing. This place is really cool, all the exhibits are at eye level for kids, and hands-on classes like Jomon jewellery-making classes (and there’ll be one on October 30th see this page for details), fire-making or cooking in Jomon pots over a fire classes, and the kids can visit the reconstructed village, go inside the thatched homes with hearths. The wooded area gives an authentic feel and preserves all the species of trees (labeled) that served the Jomon-folk who lived in the very same spot originally. And if you take the wooded walk around the village you’ll find a tiny spring that is said to have served the village since those times. There is a real archaeological center (The Tokyo Maibun Center) that operates the Jomon village that is a much visited fieldtrip venue for Kanagawa’s schools.

This would make a great fall schoolbreak outing too - Jomon village in the earlier part of the day, topped off with Halloween activities from mid-afternoon onwards and finishing up with evening lightup of pumpkins! See below for details of Halloween events.
Access information (see map): Tokyo Tama City. An easy walk from 5 minutes from Tama Center Station or 8 minutes from Tama City Monorail station. 

Halloween in Tama Center in 2010 Free Halloween event and free admission to Sanrio Puroland!

October 30, 2010 (Sat) 31 (Sun) 10:00 - 17:00 
29 10 ※ (Fri) 17:00 to 18:00 lighting ceremony (opening concert) 
Sun 29 ※ (Fri) 30 (Sat) 6:00 p.m. to 19:00 Jakkuorantannaito (lantern lights)
WhereThe area south of Tama Center Station
Access: Keio Line, Odakyu Line "Tama Center" Station soon
Rate: Free. Free entry to Sanrio Puroland 15:00 open until 18:00. 
Parking: Shared use parking Tama Center
※ Since the day held a very crowded parking nearby, we recommend use of public transport.
Phone :090-8946-9909 (non-conference day on weekdays 10:00 to 17:00)
Elsewhere also going on will be ...
Kawasaki Halloween 2010 - which is Japan’s largest Halloween event, and features a crowd of approximately 100,000 people. This year is the fourteenth such event. 

Date: October 23 (Sat) to October 31 (Sun)

On October 31st, a Halloween Costume Parade will be held with approximately 3,000 participants, which begins and ends at the La Citadella amusement park. Many people will visit during the period, and many other events will be held including a kids' parade, music festival, costume contest, movie festival, and more. 

Other events information: (English) (Japanese)

Location: Business area at the East Exit of Kawasaki Station, Via Cinecitta, other locations; Kawasaki-Ward, Kawasaki-City

Access: Get off at Kawasaki Station on the JR Tokaido Line, Keihin-Tohoku Line, or Nambu Line, or Keikyu Kawasaki Station on the Keihin Electric Express Railway


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